Why Does My Laminate Floor Have Footprints?

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If you have a laminate floor on your property, you might have to deal with many types of stains and dirt on it. And footprints might look to be one of the most minor and trivial kinds of them. But you're mistaken. Footprints aren’t as simple as we think. This is especially true with sensitive surfaces like vinyl floor, sealed floor, and laminate floor. 

Why does my laminate floor have foot prints? Quick answer? It's your cleaner. So if you have a dark laminate floor, you need to be very careful which hardwood floor cleaner you use, or else your wooden floors will have a lot of visible footprints on your floor finish. 

Why Does My Laminate Floor Have Footprints?

Believe it or not, the floor cleaner causes footprints on the dark laminate floor; most wood floor cleaners aren’t suitable for the floor.
Thus, it would help if you were very keen when shopping for a cleaner to use on your dark laminate flooring, or else you’ll be very disappointed.
If your laminate floor has a lot of noticeable footprints, your floor cleaner needs to be changed.

What Causes Footprints on a Laminate Floor?

A footprint may look like quite a typical kind of stain, but a footprint on a laminate floor is pressing and something to worry about. If footprints and dirt remain on the laminate floor and you don’t do anything about them, they’ll stay stubborn on the floor. And from being insignificant, they’ll gradually cause extensive harm to the floor. And the same goes for the minor dings and scratches on the laminate floor.

How to Clean Footprints on Laminate Floors

Using natural destilled white vinegar in spray bottle to remove stains

If you have a laminate floor, you should keep in mind that there are obvious differences between cleaning laminate floors and preventing them from catching other footprints. 

Cleaning footprints from the laminate floor requires many types of cleaning, while stopping consists of actions to achieve a desirable and preventive finish on the laminate floor. Therefore, we have to talk about this whole subject in two aspects. First is how to clean the footprint on laminate floors. Next is how to prevent dirt and footprints on laminate wood floors

A three-step cleaning process comes to place when it's about cleaning laminate floors:

1. Dry clean

The first and most basic cleaning action on the laminate floor is dry cleaning. If the footprints and other dirty spots are free from oily and greasy components, dry cleaning and using your vacuum cleaner can be enough to deal with them. 

So, dry clean the laminate floor at least once or twice a day. Any wet chemicals or additives during the process aren’t required. It applies to how to prevent footprints on a hardwood floor. 

2. Sweep the floor

There are many sweeping tools — like a dust mop, wet mop, dry mop, steam mop, sponge mop, or Swiffer WetJet — that can be used to clean footprints as long as the mop head isn’t too old to be stubborn. However, using a damp cloth or damp mop is enough for the regular, day-to-day cleaning footprint. 

Use warm water for effective and efficient sweeping of your wood flooring because it's more apt to get rid of oily and greasy specks. If your laminate floor has footprints that are too dirty, this is the best option. On the other hand, the best mop for laminate floors works with a microfiber mop pad. A microfiber pad absorbs dirt and grime and eliminates up to 99 percent of germs using water. It's also friendly for vinyl flooring (vinyl plank flooring,) bamboo floor, and engineered hardwood (engineered hardwood floor).

3. Clean laminate floor with vinegar as a cleaning solution

Vinegar is a generally applicable and available cleaning solution at home. For that, take 40 to 50 ml of vinegar or rubbing alcohol and mix it with 3 liters of water for your laminate floor cleaner.

Now, mix them up, place them in a spray bottle, and shake properly. Finally, directly spray the solution on the footprints and other dirty spots on the laminate floor. 

Now, use a dry mop or soft cloth to clean the spots out. 

How to Prevent Footprints on Laminate Floor

In casual clothes, a woman does house cleaning while holding a blue rag spray bottle

After the cleaning part, it's time to prevent footprints from affecting the laminate floor. 

1. Clean regularly

One of the basic tips to keep your laminate floor shiny and clean is to clean it frequently. We won't go far and deep about how to clean it or what chemicals to use. Instead, we’d remind you to clean it every day and deep clean it at least once a week to prevent permanent buildups on your laminate floor.

2. Use mineral spirits and water

The mineral spirit and water mix is another great option to keep your laminate floor away from footprints. Many affordable and unscented mineral spirits are worth considering when it comes to dirt and footprint cleaning.

Once you purchase the right one, create a mixture of 50-50 with water and the spirit. Then, use a mopping pad to clean the floor with it. The next step is to take care of the mopped area with an old bath towel. Then, keep rubbing the towel on the section that was cleaned and dry it up.

Lastly, let the entire floor be dry enough. The chance of the floor catching footprints will be way less than before. 

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