What Color Of Laminate Flooring Matches With Oak Cabinets

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Oak cabinetry always brings a little something special to every room it's in, even if it's just a simple cabinet. Oak kitchen cabinets look great with both classic and contemporary decor, honey oak cabinets match with living rooms and other social spaces, and golden oak cabinetry is an excellent all-around option for any home. But to complete the look of these stunning wood cabinets, you'll need to invest in equally matching flooring.

So what color of laminate flooring can you use to match with an oak cabinet? Generally, dark wood floor options (or dark wood in general) make an excellent pair, since the darker floor complements the dark wood nicely. If you don't want a dark floor or have a light backsplash in the room, a light wood floor or similar laminate floor options can also work.

Laminate Floor Options For An Oak Cabinet

Flooring color is essential to match with the wood grain of an oak cabinet. Given that oak can come in different wood colors, laminate flooring is one of the best choices to make sure that your floor color matches your cabinet color.

1. Dark Floor Color

Dark wood colors are excellent matches to the naturally darker shades of oak, especially if the backsplash and the surrounding paint color match with the overall theme of your room. Combined with the right wall color and oak trim, dark floor laminate can really help sell the rich and warm hue of darker oak cabinets.

Some options that you can choose from are any oak floor laminates like toasted oak, birch, or walnut. Alternatively, shades of gray, black, brown, and blue can work as well, especially if the backsplash already incorporates those colors in some way. A dark hardwood floor laminate is always a safe option, especially since any stains won't show up easily on it.

2. Light Floor Color

If you're worried about the color wood floor looking a little too dark or have light cabinets made of oak, then a light floor color can be a perfect fit. Light floor colors shine well when there is some middle ground between the colors of the room, especially earthen tones like granite countertops on a kitchen island.

Some options you can choose from include cherry hardwood, hickory wood, or maple. Shades of cream, light gray, and beige are also a good fit. If you're worried about marks or stains, you don't have to worry since laminate flooring is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Overall, laminate wood flooring options are your best bet to make sure that you match the natural wood grain of your oak cabinets. Keep in mind that your overall theme for the room should fit in with the most distinguishing colors and shades inside of it. For special cases like having an oak cabinet door for cherry cabinets or maple cabinets, you should take the average color between the two different kinds of wood to strike a balance.

Design Tips To Match With An Oak Cabinet

modern kitchen that has beautiful laminate floors and oak wood cabinets

If you don't have a complete oak cabinet (for example, it's a cabinet with an oak trim), then your range of flooring options can be expanded. Vinyl plank flooring is a particularly attractive alternative to laminate flooring since it can withstand regular use and requires little maintenance. It can easily replicate the wood grain or your cabinet color and can have a variety of price points and designs that you can choose from.

A dark wood floor doesn't need matching with an oak cabinet, but you might consider adding some breaks slightly under the eye level of anyone entering the room. For example, having a lighter countertop can easily draw the eye towards the focal point of the room, which can help your oak cabinets stay visible yet unobtrusive in the background.

If you have a tiled floor, their reflective surfaces can also work to add a little more light to your cabinets. Ceramic and marble flooring are popular choices, though if cost is an issue you can easily replicate their looks with laminate flooring.

Mixing woods can also help your cabinets pop. You can break the monotony of having a dark oak cabinet by adding honey oak, golden oak, and other lighter shades of oak into your furnishings. Their wood grains blend beautifully together and really draw the eye.

Get The Perfect Oak Cabinet And Laminate Flooring With Zothex Flooring

Dark cabinets are some of the most striking pieces of furniture that you can add to a room, and getting the matching laminate floor is an excellent way to make them stand out even more. By getting the right laminate flooring, you make your home a more aesthetic place to be in.

Zothex Flooring has a long history with cabinetry, helping clients in the Sacramento area with different flooring options. From hardwood flooring to a reclaimed wood kitchen floor, we've established experts in making sure your home looks the way you want it to be. Call us now at (916) 925 - 1958 to learn more about our products and services.

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