4 Methods: How to Remove Grout From Tiles

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When remodeling your home or replacing your tiles, removing grout can be a difficult process. Grout is usually made from a mixture of cement, lime, and color pigment that hardens once it’s mixed with water. This makes it a tough material to remove, requiring special methods to take it out.

So what are the different methods to remove grout from tiles? To easily and effectively remove the material, you can try using the following:

1) Grout removal equipment
2) Sugar and water
3) Water and wood
4) Wire wool

How to Remove Grout From Tiles

Grout is used for filling in the joints between tiles and adding stability to tile installation. Because of its tough composition, it can be difficult to remove when you decide to do so. You may also want to replace grout in case it becomes too moldy or difficult to clean, which is the case for tiles installed in the bathroom or kitchen. Here are some ways to help you remove grout from tiles: 

1) Grout Removal Equipment

One of the most efficient methods to remove grout is to use grout removal equipment, and there are several kinds of grout removal equipment available on the market as well. Some of these kinds of equipment include: 

  • Manual grout removal tool: You can use a manual grout removal tool or a screwdriver with a flat blade to the job. However, this method is a bit tedious so it’s best to only use this when removing small amounts of the grout.
  • Oscillating tool: Oscillating tools do a more effective job in removing grout in smaller spaces because it allows you to have a higher degree of control when using it. This tool has a special blade that takes out the grout in an oscillating motion and has a cutting head you can rotate for easier removal.
  • Reciprocating saw: A reciprocating saw with a grout removal blade is another tool that’s available in most hardware stores which helps you do the job. This tool is a powerful piece of equipment, so be careful when using it and start on a slow setting. 

2) Sugar and Water

Aside from using tools, you can also create DIY grout removers with items you have at home. For example, you can use a mixture of sugar and water since sugar has an abrasive texture that can remove grout without damaging the tile. Here’s how to use sugar and water to remove grout: 

  • To make this solution, simply mix and dissolve a cup of sugar in a gallon of hot water inside a bucket.
  • Pour the sugar and water solution generously on top of the area.
  • Saturate the grout with the solution overnight.
  • Once saturated, use a wooden stick to remove large pieces of the grout.
  • For finer pieces of grout, use a scouring pad sprinkled with some sugar so it can act as a mild abrasive. 
  • Clean the area with clean water then pat dry with a towel. 

3) Water and Wood

Water and wood also provide an excellent way for doing the job of eliminating grout on tiles since it doesn’t scratch your tile. Make sure to use a piece of wood about ¼ to ⅜ inch thick with a square-cut end for the process to be effective. Follow these steps to use water and wood for grout removal: 

  • Wet the area and let the water soak for a few hours.
  • Use the edge of the hardwood to scrape against the grout. If there is a lot of grout on the tile, you may lightly sand the area before scraping it with wood.  
  • Remove smaller pieces of grout with a nylon scouring pad. 
  • Rinse the area with water then pat dry with a towel. 

4) Wire  Wool

Wire wool is also an abrasive material you can use to replace sugar or hardwood. Just like the other methods, you have to soak the area with water before using the wire wool to remove the grout. Scrub your tiles with the wire wool once the tiles are soaked then clean and dry the area.  

Grout Removal at Zothex Flooring

When it comes to removing grout or choosing the best kind of flooring for your home, Zothex Flooring is here to help you. We have a team of artisans and experts who offer personalized service to guide you in choosing what type of tile is suited for your needs and lifestyle. You can visit one of our showrooms in California or call us to know more about our products and services. 

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