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Let Zothex’s contractors conduct annual preventative maintenance to extend your roof’s lifespan.

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Maintain Your Roof’s Stability and Quality with Zothex’s Roofing Contractors

Your property’s roof protects you from Northern California’s climate and outdoor debris. But the regular wear and tear can gradually chip at your roof and may require roofing replacements within 15 to 25 years depending on your type of roof. Even the smallest issue on your roof can grow into an issue that cuts your roof’s lifespan, which is why it’s necessary to catch small issues and prevent them from getting worse. 

Zothex offers roofing contractors that can perform preventative maintenance on your roof. By having this done to your roof at least once a year, our team of experienced roofing contractors can spot the smallest vulnerabilities on your roof and have it repaired to prevent it from getting worse. In the process, this can reinforce the strength of your roof and extend its lifespan for as long as possible. 

If you have yet to conduct preventative maintenance on your roof, it’s best to start as soon as possible. Contact Zothex to schedule a complimentary inspection and receive a comprehensive roof report about the areas that our team can conduct maintenance on. 

Our Roof Report: What’s Covered in Our Roof Maintenance Services?

Prior to our preventative maintenance, our team of roofing contractors will conduct a thorough complimentary inspection to develop a roof report. This is a detailed report that lists the features of your roof, areas for improvement, and recommendations on what to do based on the findings. Our thorough report includes: 

  • Quality of your roofing details:
    • Roof layers
    • Pitch of the roof
    • Roof type
  • Estimated age and condition of the roof
  • Estimated time left before your roof needs to be replaced
  • Any noticeable leaks or cracks in the roof
  • Coloring or discoloration of the roof
  • Certifications to ensure that the information in the report is accurate and factual
    • Certifiable condition of your roof
    • The duration of any required certification on your roof
    • Any other exclusions from certification
  • Findings that are currently a problem/could grow into a bigger problem/can pose future problems on your roof 
  • Our team’s recommendation to treat the roof to prevent the findings and risks mentioned above

Based on our findings and recommendations, you can see what our contractors will do to conduct preventative maintenance on your roof. This can prevent minor damage from getting worse while also reinforcing the strength of your roofing. 

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Why You Need Annual Roof Maintenance

All residential and commercial properties should have roof maintenance done at least once a year. Ideally, you should get this done before California’s rainy season and after every major natural weather event that may have caused damage to your roof. Some of the reasons to get annual roof maintenance include:

Protect Your Home from Extreme Weather 

Northern California is prone to hot summers and wet winters, which means your roof is exposed to plenty of extreme temperatures. In the summer, hot days can cause your rooftop to warp and break down. Roofs made of caulk or asphalt shingles can become dry and brittle, which can shorten their lifespan as they’re prone to breakage. 

Annual roof maintenance means that you have a professional spotting the weak points in your roof and addressing them before it’s exposed to extreme weather. By doing this, you’re reinforcing your roof and preventing any damage that can reduce the lifespan of your roof while also protecting your home. During the rainy season, you’re less likely to be affected by leaks. In the summer, your roof can withstand the high temperatures and prevent warping or breaking. 

Cost-Effective Solution Against Costlier Repairs 

Minor roof issues like small cracks or debris stuck to the roof are fairly straightforward and quick to fix for our experienced roofing contractors. Cleaning and simple repairs are also fast and require less work done on your roof. Which is why, when you schedule annual maintenance, our contractor can address the issue early on and prevent minor damages from getting worse. 

In contrast, let’s say you don’t schedule maintenance. Those small cracks in your roof can gradually grow bigger with wear and tear. And debris stuck on your roof can start to accumulate and take a toll on your roof. By the time the damage starts to affect your property, the costs for repairs (or, in worst-case scenarios, complete replacements) can be much costlier than the expense of annual maintenance. 

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Extend Your Roofing’s Lifespan for As Long As Possible

With regular wear and tear, your roofing can last anywhere between 15 to 25 years, depending on factors like the type of roofing. When regularly maintained, you’re preventing minor damage from getting worse and reinforcing the strength of your roof. 

Because of this, wear and tear aren’t gradual, and you may be able to expand your roofing’s lifespan for as long as possible. This helps you get the most value out of your original roofing costs before having to replace it. 

Roof Inspection and Maintenance for Residential and Commercial Properties

Zothex’s roofing contractors provide inspection, maintenance, and other general roofing services to residential and commercial properties in Northern California. It’s essential to keep your roof in its best condition, and our team can extend its lifespan for as long as possible. Our family-owned company has helped countless homeowners with their renovations and home remodeling projects, and your roof is one of the many home improvements we can help maintain. 

We serve any residential and commercial property in the area and provide the highest levels of craftsmanship and care for your roof.

Maintain Your Roof’s Quality with Zothex’s Roofing Contractors

Keep your roof at its best for as long as possible. With annual inspections and maintenance from our trustworthy roofing contractors, you can avoid the costly repairs of major damage and get the most out of your roof and have it protect your property the best it can.

Let Zothex be your partner in home improvements. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary inspection to receive your thorough roof report. 

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