How to Prevent Dents in Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl plank flooring is a popular synthetic flooring material that’s durable yet affordable. Its versatile look makes it a popular choice for many homeowners. But over time, this kind of flooring can be prone to dents and cracks that can be difficult to repair, so maintenance is important.  

So what are the ways to maintain the good condition of your vinyl tiles? To make sure that your floors are free from dents and damages, you should protect vinyl flooring from heavy furniture, avoid dirt buildup on vinyl flooring, and clean the vinyl flooring properly. 

Tips on Preventing Dents in Vinyl Flooring

Many people choose vinyl plank flooring because it offers a more affordable alternative to hardwood floors and other luxury tiles. But affordable doesn’t mean that it has a short lifespan; vinyl flooring can last up to 20 years if you take care of it properly. 

While it’s easy to take care of this kind of flooring, being aware of what causes damages and dents to your floor can prevent them from happening. Proper maintenance is key to avoid any unnecessary costs from damage in the future. The following methods can help you maintain your vinyl planks in its best condition:

1. Protect Vinyl Flooring From Heavy Furniture

Heavy furniture or appliances is one of the main reasons for dents in vinyl flooring. When these items aren’t handled properly, they can cause too much pressure that the tiles can’t handle. If you want to protect vinyl tiles from dents, these are some things you can do:

  • Use Furniture Protectors and Sliders: Furniture protectors and sliders are great for distributing the weight of your furniture evenly and providing the floor extra cushioning. These usually have a strong adhesive that sticks to your furniture so they don’t come off its legs. Protectors and sliders are also ideal for moving furniture around without damaging your vinyl tiles. 
  • Don’t Use Rolling Casters: Too much movement from the furniture with rolling casters can cause damage to your tiles. It’s recommended that you avoid using any furniture with wheels, but you can also buy some stoppers to prevent the furniture from moving around too much. 
  • Lift Heavy Furniture When Moving Them: When moving heavy furniture and appliances around your home, always remember to lift them instead of dragging them across your floors. If it’s too heavy to lift, then try to place a protective layer over the vinyl tiles before moving it. You can use items like plywood boards or carpets to help spread the weight of the furniture evenly.
  • Invest in Area Rugs: Large area rugs can be quite expensive, but it’s a great investment to prevent damage on vinyl tiles. Remember to place rugs under heavy furniture or in areas of the home with high foot traffic. Placing area rugs on your floor also provides extra cushioning when wheeled furniture or appliances are moved around. 

2. Avoid Dirt Buildup on Vinyl Flooring

Dirt buildup can make vinyl plank flooring weaker and more prone to damage. Any dust, hair, or grime that accumulates on vinyl tiles can wear it down over time. To avoid dirt buildup on your floors and maintain the beauty of your vinyl tiles, you may do the following: 

  • Use a Doormat: Using a doormat prevents any unwanted dirt from entering your home and damaging your tiles. Place one at the entrance of your place so that any unnecessary dirt on footwear is wiped off beforehand. 
  • Don’t Wear Dirty Footwear: If you want your vinyl tiles to look their best, then don’t wear dirty footwear or shoes when walking on vinyl plank flooring. It’s recommended that you have a separate set of footwear to wear around at home so that dirt from other places don’t spread and buildup on your floor. 

3. Clean the Vinyl Flooring Properly

To make your vinyl plank flooring last longer, it’s important to incorporate proper cleaning techniques in your routine. Here are some ways to ensure that your tiles are properly cleaned from any dirt: 

  • Clean Regularly: Regular cleaning guarantees that there is no dirt building up on your floors. Proper maintenance is crucial in keeping your floors in its best condition, so make it a habit to sweep and pick up any dirt as soon as possible.  
  • Rinse the Floor Properly: When you use cleaning products to clean vinyl plank flooring, make sure that you rinse the floor properly. Leftover products that aren't rinsed off can collect dirt and make vinyl tiles more prone to dents.
  • Use the Correct Cleaning Product: There are several products on the market used to clean your floors. However, using the wrong cleaning product can cause more harm than good. Do your research on what kind of product is best for vinyl plank flooring and use those instead. Remember to carefully read and follow the instructions on the label, too. 
  • Use Mild Cleaning Techniques: While heavy-duty products can help you thoroughly clean your floors, using these frequently may result in more issues. As an alternative, use milder products to ensure that your floors are clean but not worn down. 
  • Be Proactive With Your Cleaning: It’s best to be proactive with your cleaning meaning you should clean up dirt and spills immediately. Remember that it’s better to deal with a small problem right away than to face a bigger problem in the long run. 

Protect Vinyl Flooring With Zothex Flooring

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