How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets on a Budget

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Are you sick of the clutter in your kitchen cabinets? Using the kitchen becomes a heavier chore. The mess keeps you from finding the things you need faster and becomes a major eyesore in your supposedly-beautiful kitchen. The good thing is that you do not have to spend a lot to organize your kitchen. You can even find the tools you need to revamp and declutter your kitchen in your own home!

So how can you organize your kitchen cabinet when you are on a tight budget? Be creative by using the things you already have, such as pool noodles, c-clamps, file folders, and more as additional storage or dividers. Categorize your stuff and use more vertical space, like hanging your pans or using the room above your upper cabinet. A systematic way of grouping and storing your stuff can also help lessen the clutter and free up more kitchen space.

Creative Yet Low-Cost Ideas for Your Kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen storage ideas we are looking for sometimes just lie under our noses. If you’ve been needing extra space in your area, then here are kitchen organization ideas especially for your kitchen cabinet:

1) Hang pans and utensils for added aesthetic appeal

Pans are usually one of the major things that cause clutter in your kitchen cabinets. They have uneven shapes, so they’re quite challenging to stack up. Your utensils are also culprits for the clutter in your kitchen drawers.

Solve this problem by maximizing your vertical space! Screw hooks on your walls and hang your pans and utensils instead of storing them in cabinets. Hanging your pans and utensils does not only free up space in your cabinets. It also provides your kitchen with additional aesthetic appeal. Plan how you will organize your pans on your wall. If you also have vintage-looking utensils, they will add charm to your kitchen.

2) Place pool noodles in your kitchen cabinet

Pool noodles can become instant kitchen drawer dividers, especially with slidey stuff like silverware. Most homeowners find silverware challenging to store and organize. They tend to move around as you open and close the drawer.  

Cut your pool noodle enough to make it fit between your organizer and the back of your kitchen drawer! Putting your pool noodle in your drawer space will keep your silverware from moving around and create a mess.

3) Display your favorite dishes

Some of us have a set of favorite dishes that we keep in our kitchen cupboards and only bring out during Thanksgiving or any other special occasion. We cannot deny that these dishes take up a lot of space in the cabinet, as much as we want to take good care of them by storing them.

Save up more space and add décor to your home by displaying these dishes. One place where you can store them is above your upper cabinet. Storing them here also keeps them safe from children’s reach or accidentally getting nudged, which may cause them to break. Add moldings above your upper cabinets; so your dishes blend with the décor of your kitchen.

4) Use file folders for your cleaning supplies

Use the extra file folders in your kitchen to store cleaning supplies, such as antibacterial sprays, finish washers, and other cleaning sprays. We usually keep our cleaning supplies in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. These cleaning supplies usually clutter our sink cabinet as it takes up most of the horizontal space.

Put the cleaning materials you frequently use at the front. Using file organizers to store your cleaning supplies will make your kitchen cabinet look more orderly!

5) Use C-clamps to hold your paper towels.

You can make kitchen paper dispensers out of two C-clamps. No more wet and soggy paper towels. Clean and polish two C-clamps that you may find in your garage. Position them somewhere convenient and attach your paper towel roll between them. Clamp them shut with its handles holding the paper towel in place.

Using old C-clamps can also provide a rustic feel to your kitchen. You can also choose to buy new ones or paint them to suit your kitchen interior.

Tips for Maximizing Your Kitchen Cabinet Space

Woman with bowl of green apples in pantry, organizing in kitchen

Adding resourceful storage to your kitchen cabinets is just one thing to free up more space. You also need to manage your goods more efficiently. Here are some tips:

1) Declutter

Bring out all the things in your kitchen and pantry cabinet and assess. Throw out ones you no longer need and the expired consumables. We no longer even notice them in our kitchen cabinets sometimes. Decluttering once in a while will free up lots of space in your kitchen cabinet. Decluttering also helps you see the things you need but forget.

2) Group consumables together

Snacks, ingredients, and other consumables cause clutter in your cabinet shelf. Their differing packaging sizes and colors are also eyesores. Poor food storage can also cause pest infestations that pose graver problems.

Invest in more food storage containers for keeping all your consumables. Have proper food containers for categories of items, such as cereals, oats, pasta, and others. Don’t just rely on their packaging. Storing your food in containers will maximize unused space as you can stack them on top of the other. It will make your kitchen more organized and aesthetically pleasing, especially with uniformed jars. You also lessen the risks of pest infestation by getting rid of boxes and plastic packs.

3) Use more kitchen cabinet organizers

You can’t have too many containers and dividers. Maximize vertical storage space with containers and stack them neatly up. Use more dividers or wire baskets if you can for a more efficient storage solution. These dividers will be perfect for utensils, baking trays, and more!

4) Label containers

Label your containers, so looking for food and ingredients will become easier. Labels will come in handy, especially when you have grouped your consumables in jars and canisters. Turning your kitchen upside-down because you can’t find a single spice will add another clutter to your kitchen. These labels can also add aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

5) Pick tasks over type

Sorting the stuff in your kitchen may be the tricky part in ensuring efficient storage in your kitchen cabinet. How things fit and how neat it looks will not be the only things you need to think about. The systematic placement of  the stuff in your kitchen is also crucial.

Think first by task over type when grouping the things in your kitchen. Think about how you use your kitchen whenever you cook, bake, or just get a snack. You would want to place the things you need for cooking like spices, pans, and others nearer your counter table and stove. Organize your kitchen needs not by type but by what they’re for.

Revamp Your Kitchen with Cost-Effective Cabinets From Zothex Flooring

These smart DIY ideas can help us organize our kitchen cabinets and solve our problems with storage. We get a neater and more streamlined kitchen using the things we have in our homes. DIY storage solutions can provide us with ample space in our kitchen cabinets, however, they can only do much if the things we need no longer fit our kitchen cabinets.

You might already need to invest in more spacious kitchen cabinets that will accommodate all your kitchen needs. Zothex Flooring has lots of cost-effective options for bigger kitchen cabinets. They also come in different styles that fit your kitchen aesthetics—a worthwhile investment for more storage space and revamping your kitchen! Get in touch with us today.

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