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Get kitchen cabinets that match your exact aesthetic and the features you need for your kitchen.

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Complete Your Kitchen Remodeling Project with Your Customized Kitchen Cabinets

No kitchen overhaul is complete without the kitchen cabinets to match your room’s new aesthetic. At Zothex, we offer a wide range of styles, colors, wood materials, sizes, and other features to match your aesthetic and needs. But if you can’t find the cabinets that match your exact needs and specifications, there’s no need to compromise on your vision. We offer customizable kitchen cabinets crafted to your specific needs. 

Zothex is your partner for home improvement projects like kitchen remodeling. We understand how kitchen cabinets can stand out or blend in with the rest of the changes to your kitchen, and we want to help you. Our custom kitchen cabinets are made of quality materials and skillfully manufactured to provide the exact cabinets you need to make your vision come to life. 

If you’ve browsed our collection on our website and can’t find the exact style to match your kitchen’s remodeled aesthetic, visit any of our showrooms across Northern California to speak to our sales associates. We can discuss your custom kitchen cabinet designs in detail and provide you with more accurate pricing and turnaround time. 

The Highest Levels of Craftsmanship with Kitchen Cabinets from Zothex

Zothex’s in-stock and custom kitchen cabinets use the best materials to ensure durability and strength, as well as the finest levels of craftsmanship to reflect the rest of your remodeling project. For our clients in search of custom cabinets, you can choose to modify certain details for your kitchen cabinets, including:

  • Color
  • Dimensions
  • Wood material
  • Metal materials
  • Drawers and shelves
Any Home Can Be A Palace With Zothex

For any and all home improvement needs, call Zothex. We've helped countless homeowners get the most out of their home. With the right planning, materials, and talent, we can make you fall in love with your home all over again. Call us today.

  • Hinges and glides
  • Decorative finishes and upgrades
    • Crown molding
    • Light rail molding
    • Decorative door panels
    • Scribe
    • Toekick
    • Fillers
  • Other special features you need for your storage and organization

How long it will take for our craftsmen to make your cabinets will depend on many factors like your custom kitchen cabinet’s material, the complexity of your order, and more. Contact us through our website or visit any of our showrooms across Northern California to talk to anyone in our team to discuss your vision, the cabinets you need, and the timeframe you’re working with. We will accommodate your request and help you complete your project. 

Reasons to Get Custom Kitchen Cabinets

At Zothex, we offer both in-stock and custom kitchen cabinets. We want our clients to achieve a kitchen that’s both functional and visually appealing. Many clients know exactly what they want – and we’re happy to provide this through custom solutions. Some of the reasons to choose custom kitchen cabinets over our in-stock options include:

  • Achieve your visualization without compromises – Zothex carries a wide range of kitchen cabinets. But if none of our products match your exact vision for your kitchen, we’ll be happy to make your vision a reality by creating your cabinets from scratch. You don’t have to settle for similar cabinets when you can have your own unique kitchen cabinets made for your own kitchen. 
  • Adds value to your property when you sell – Updated remodeled kitchens are one of the tried and tested methods of increasing your property’s value. It’s a popular upgrade as buyers are attracted to modern kitchens with ample space for storage and organization. Homeowners can expect up to a 52% return on investment from their remodeling project when they decide to sell their home. 
  • Special features to make everyday use easier – As the person who’ll be using your cabinets, you know best what kind of cabinets can be beneficial to your lifestyle and needs. Rather than getting the standard cabinets, you can have these cabinets modified to provide features that improve storage and organization. This allows you to make using your kitchen’s storage features much more efficient or easier. 
Zothex: For All Your Home Improvement Needs

When you need to upgrade, repair, or improve any part of your home, there's only one team to call that can do it all: Zothex. Our team of pro home contractors has been helping people get the most out of their homes for years. Make your home the ultimate place to be for you and your family by calling us at Zothex today.

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Let Zothex Help You Install Your Custom Cabinets

Each custom cabinet is made with the best materials, fine craftsmanship, and the highest standards of quality you can expect from Zothex’s products. To make the most of your new kitchen cabinets, let professionals handle removing your old cabinets and replacing them with new ones. Our team of contractors can help you install your new custom cabinets exactly to your specifications. 

Our professional contractors have experience in various home improvement projects, including kitchen remodeling. Let them install our cabinets to give you the best results from your project and create a visually appealing kitchen you can enjoy working in. 

Build Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets with Zothex

Zothex has helped with countless kitchen remodeling projects across Northern California by providing top-quality fixtures like kitchen cabinets. If you want a unique kitchen storage system that isn’t possible with your everyday kitchen cabinets, let our team provide you with the right kitchen cabinets to match your needs and specifications. You don’t have to compromise on your vision when our products and team of contractors can turn it into reality. 

Visit any of our showrooms or contact us on our website so that we can discuss your custom kitchen cabinets in further detail. 

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