How to Decorate Upper Kitchen Cabinets

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There can be awkward spaces in your house that are just calling for decoration, like the wall next to the entrance door, the empty space beneath the steps, and the area above the kitchen cabinets. Filling the space above the cabinets might be the answer if your kitchen's style is missing in some aspect and requires just the right touch to complete the appearance.

Here are some ways to decorate above your kitchen cabinets, and keep your cooking area stylish, hip, and aesthetically pleasing while you release your inner chef.

How to Decorate The Top of Your Hanging Kitchen Cabinets

1. Add Décor to Match Your Style

Choose a few tiny items of décor that stand out against your wall color to fill the empty area above your kitchen cabinets with visual appeal. Use weaving elements in contrast to a white kitchen to tie the space together by drawing the eye from the countertop to the ceiling with a pop of color.

The use of diverse textures can blend wood, woven, and floral items with a simple kitchen for an intended finish that doesn't overwhelm the area, thanks to an earthy combination of neutral hues and the use of varied textures.

2. Cookbook Organization

Cooking enthusiasts would definitely want extra storage space for their cookbooks. Consider storing your less-used books in the area above your cabinets if they are too beautiful or sentimental to part with. It's the perfect amount of room to keep a collection of cookbooks without feeling cluttered, plus it looks nice and complements the kitchen aesthetic.

3. Use Vases to Add Depth to Your Kitchen

Although you can never have too many vases, finding a secure location to keep these fragile artifacts when they’re not in use may be challenging. Vases may offer a sense of height to your kitchen while also playing with scale because they’re typically visually pleasing and beautiful even without flowers in them.

On top of this, they're less likely to be pushed around or broken when they're out of reach. For a more dynamic look, use vases in a variety of sizes, styles, and patterns, or display a matching set to go with a minimalist kitchen.

4. Add Greenery for an Extra Touch

If you have a lot of natural light and bright windows in your kitchen, the tops of your cabinets are a perfect spot to grow a trailing plant like a philodendron, pothos, ivy, or go for a hassle-free option of faux plants.

Many trailing plants are versatile and easy to care for, but to keep your kitchen garden lush and blooming, keep a step stool handy for easy watering. A bright, open kitchen with a modest bit of greenery on the counters that complement the cabinetry's vivid leaves can be a beautiful kitchen in any home.

5. Try Out Molding

Fill the gap between your cabinets and the ceiling with a tall kind of crown molding for a clean, minimalist design. This choice is perfect for kitchens with little area for décor, plants, or artwork but plenty of open space.

It also gives modern kitchen designs a more refined, classic feel while also making ceilings look higher. For a streamlined design, paint your trim the same color as your cabinets, or use it to provide a burst of color for a more eclectic effect.

6. Use Textures

The gap between your kitchen storage and the ceiling can have a great effect with the correct textures, whether you have open shelves, closed cabinets, or a mix of the two. A rustic kitchen's weathered shiplap for example can take up room for storage, but it uses open wall space to blend in smoothly and add that desired texture.

If you don't want to commit to a more permanent feature like shiplap, try putting up removable wallpaper that matches the rest of your decor.

7. Hang Up Your Wall Art

Display wall art if you don't need the space above your cabinets for storage, which is applicable to open shelves as well as closed cabinets. Hang items straight against or along the wall, or create a focal point with framed leaning artwork. Larger pieces of wall artwork shine particularly well in kitchens with high ceilings and empty spaces.

8. Built-In Storage

Adding built-in shelves above your cabinets is one innovative approach to strategically using the gap between the cabinet and ceiling. This storage option is a perfect alternative to combining the cabinets with the ceiling, whether you choose open shelves or smaller cabinets with glass doors.

While professionally fitted cabinets can be costly, brackets with open shelves are a more cost-effective option—both of which can help you keep your kitchen tidy by expanding your usable storage area.

9. Make Open Shelving Functional

It might be difficult to master the art of filling empty space with elegant décor while keeping things practical if your kitchen contains open shelves above the countertops. Mix and match your less-used kitchen items for a unique look and place them above the cabinets to act as a focal point and storage area. A mix of storage jars and plants that can be placed on these higher shelves adds visual depth between the kitchen's cabinets and ceiling.

10. Tuck Away Less-Used Items

This easy storage option may be used in the kitchen in addition to decorating baskets over bookcases and bathroom cabinets. Containers that hide lesser-used utensils, small appliances, or cookbooks in style can be utilized to transform empty space into a useful area. Matching baskets or containers give a unified aesthetic for storing kitchenware while keeping them close at hand.

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