How Much Does It Cost To Get Kitchen Cabinets Installed

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The kitchen is where your taste buds rejoice. While every kitchen needs a wide range of different herbs and spices, the question becomes where to store them as your collection grows. After growing tired of current cabinets and storage, you might decide that it's time to install new ones.

So how much does the average cost of kitchen cabinets installation? The cost of kitchen cabinet installation has an average of $5,450, with semi-custom and fully custom kitchen installation costs ranging from $13,000 to more than $30,000 for an average-sized kitchen.

Meanwhile, prices range from $100 to $1,500 per linear foot, and materials alone for stock, semi-custom, and bespoke cabinets range from $50 to $650.

The Average Price to Get a Kitchen Cabinet Installed

Materials and Hardware$50-$200$75-$400$300-$750
Total Cost$100-$300$150 – $650$500 – $1,200+

Cost of Kitchen Cabinets Installation Labor

Depending on whether you choose stock or bespoke custom cabinets, labor charges range from $50 to $450 per linear foot. Custom work takes much longer than standard work, which raises the final cost. Most contractors incorporate this cost in their quotation and calculate pricing based on hourly or daily rates. Pricing by square foot is uncommon.

Cabinet Hardware Installation Cost

Pulls and handles can cost anything from $2 to $50 or more. Stock cabinets come with hinges and are calculated separately for custom cabinet cost estimates. All hardware is included in the project expenses.

Size of Kitchen Installation

Although prices aren’t calculated per square foot, you can estimate overall project costs based on the size of your kitchen. Measure the linear feet in the room along the wall or the "long side" of your counters for a more accurate estimate. Here are some of the standard sizes and their costs:

Size by Square FootageTotal Cost
Small Sized Kitchen70$1,700 – $11,000+
Average to Normal Sized Kitchen100$2,200 – $14,000+
Large Kitchen200+$4,000 – $26,000+

Kitchen Cabinet Prices by Types of Cabinets

Cabinet material expenditures account for 25% to 50% of total project costs while labor accounts for 1 to 3 times the cost of the supplies. Materials may make up an even lower fraction of the costs for high-end custom work that contains exotic hardwoods and is created on-site. Material costs range from about $50-$200 per linear foot or $100-$650 per unit for stock materials.

Semi-custom materials range in price from $75 to $400 per linear foot, with single units costing anywhere from $150 to $800. Materials range from $300 to 750 per linear foot for custom work, with single units starting at $600.

Your choice of materials may be more important than your level of customization. The most prevalent type of cabinet is wood, which comes in a wide range of species from pine and red oak to white oak and cherry.

If you wish to save money, laminate or thermofoil are viable options for cabinet materials as these non-wood alternatives are generally durable and look just like wood. But keep in mind that laminate and thermofoil are difficult to restore when damaged, and they frequently lack the depth and authenticity of real wood.

1. Stock Cabinet Cost

Base cabinets in stock range from $50 to $200 per linear foot, or $100 to $650 per unit. Sometimes you're fortunate. You may have a few options for colors or trim styles within the stock category and since they're produced in big quantities, the costs are very low.

2. Semi-Custom Cabinet Cost

Semi-custom cabinets can cost anything from $75 to $400 per linear foot, or $150 to $800 per unit. For affordability and versatility, this can be an ideal balance between stock and custom, as they provide you with more options than the stock choice.

Limited finishes are usually available in a few popular classic and contemporary styles. You may also be able to select sizes, albeit these will be limited to normal measurements.

3. Custom Kitchen Cabinets Cost

Custom cabinets range in price from $300 to $750 per linear foot or $600 to $750 per unit. These cabinets are available to meet even the most unusually shaped spaces and tastes, but this drastically increases the cost.

Kitchen Cabinet Costs By Size

This can vary, especially depending on the kitchen designs, but cabinets are priced by the linear foot, which is the length of space they take up along a wall. The industry standard for both base and wall cabinets is almost always the same: 24 inches for a base and 12 inches for a wall.

So if cabinets run the length of a wall for 10 feet without interruption, that's 10 linear feet, but if there are any gaps in the cabinets to accommodate a window or appliance, you have to subtract that length. Measure the base and wall cabinets separately and combine them together to get overall linear footage for your cabinet plans.

Here are some samples of cabinet installation prices in two different kitchen sizes:

  • 10x10: This is the standard kitchen size, with a total of 20 feet of cabinet wall space. To assist clients in comparing cabinet prices, kitchen cabinet retailers frequently employ 10x10 pricing. Cabinet replacement in a kitchen of this size costs $2,800 to $6,500 on average.
  • 12x12: This is a popular kitchen dimension in the United States, with 25 linear feet of cabinets. Cabinet replacement in a kitchen of this size costs $3,800 to $8,500 on average.

Labor Cost Average

Installing kitchen cabinets can cost anywhere from $80 to $190 per cabinet, or $50 to $450 per linear foot, including preparation and cleanup. The cost of installation is mostly determined by the type of cabinets being installed and the professional you engage to complete the work.

If the cabinetry is semi or fully custom, some specialist pieces, such as a Lazy Susan or a farmhouse sink cabinet, may take extra time to secure onto the cabinet and guarantee that all of the mechanics function properly. It's normally a choice between a handyman and a cabinet installation when it comes to hiring a professional. You have the option of charging by the hour or by the cabinet installed.

A cabinet installer will typically charge between $70 and $200 per hour or $105 to $300 per cabinet while the typical hourly rate for handymen is $50 to $100, and the average cabinet cost is $100 to $200. But in most situations, the cost of installing stock vs custom cabinets is similar, most likely because the overall costs have been evened out or averaged.

1. Painting

Kitchen cabinets that have been polished and painted are commercially available, however, you can come across unfinished cabinets, in which case you will have to pay to have it painted. Painting kitchen cabinets costs between $1,200 and $7,000 on average.

2. Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Price

For a conventional 10x12 foot kitchen, the cost of refacing kitchen cabinet doors ranges from $4,214 to $8,110. Refacing laminate in a smaller kitchen costs $1,000 to $3,000, while high-quality veneer in a larger kitchen costs $8,000 to $10,000 or more.

Cost By Cabinet Type of Material

There are a lot of popular options when it comes to finding the perfect cabinet for your dream kitchen. The wide range of options of real wood and a variety of colors can be daunting. These are the most popular and their respective costs:

1. Price of Wood Veneer

Wood veneers are solid wood that typically cost between $4,000 and $9,000 for most households. Veneers resemble genuine wood and may be sanded, stained, and refinished to any hue. The components of wood veneer kitchen-facing cabinets are manufactured from a variety of goods, some of the cheapest options include thermofoil, laminates, and melamine for a cabinet box built from particleboard (MDF) and plywood.

2. Price of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Stainless steel cabinetry is sleek and futuristic and you can get them for $400 to $600 for each cabinet that is a pre-made stock type, and $800 to $1200 per cabinet for custom-designed alternatives. Stainless steel cabinet installation costs between $22,000 and $36,000 for a household with 30 cabinets.

3. Price of Laminate Cabinets

Materials and installation for laminate cabinets range between $5,000 and $8,000 on average. High-end laminate cabinets can cost up to $15,000 depending on the quality and grade chosen. Laminate cabinets are composed of HDF (high-density fiber) with a laminate top layer that looks like genuine wood.

4. Prices for Acrylic Cabinets

Acrylic-faced cabinets, which are comparable to laminate, are a less expensive alternative to genuine wood, with installation and supplies costing between $5,000 and $8,000 on average. Acrylic is a high-gloss mirror-like material that comes in a range of colors. These cabinets are scratch-resistant and simple to clean. They can, however, create fingerprints and the acrylic surface is known to degrade with time.

Kitchen Cabinet Replacement and Removal Cost

It might cost anything from $2,000 to $20,000 or more to completely replace your kitchen cabinetry. Even if you just replace your present kitchen cabinets with new ones, the kind, style, and amount of personalization you choose will vary substantially, affecting the total cost of the removal or replacement.

Cost of Cabinet Removal

The cost of demolition and disposal for outdated cabinets ranges from $300 to $500. This is usually included as a line item in most contractors' renovation project fees.

Changing the Position of Kitchen Cabinets

Installation or material expenses are not increased by rearranging kitchen cabinets. Moving electrical outlets, plumbing, rebuilding drywall, and painting are the procedures that add to the cost. Depending on the scope of the project, electrical relocation might cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000.

The average cost of drywall repair is $560, while wall repairs are required when moving piping or electricity, and the cost of rerouting a single line in plumbing ranges from $650 to $800. Painting a wall costs at least $100, but it might cost up to $500 if your painter charges a minimum fee.

Refinishing vs. Replacing

The average cost of refacing cabinets is $7,150, although it can range from $1,400 to $15,000. But you can save up to 50% on getting a completely new installation instead and modernize the aesthetic of your kitchen. Keep the cabinets but change the doors and hardware. It's a green option that saves money by reusing existing boxes and only upgrading the doors and drawer faces.

The average cost of refinishing cabinets is $2,900. A more cost-effective approach to refresh the look and feel of your kitchen without wasting money. Refinishing, on the other hand, is less long-lasting than refacing or replacing.

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