How to Make Spice Racks for Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Spice racks take your kitchen to the next level not only by use but also by style. Those keep all your spices organized and readily available for you to use as you prepare meals. You can even be more creative about your spice racks by storing them in your kitchen cabinets to maximize space. Make them yourself using the things you might already have in your home!

So how can you create spice racks that will fit your kitchen cabinets? Plan thoroughly by considering the spices you need to make room. You can use things like test tube racks, shipping pallets, old coca cola crates, magnets, clips, and more! Be creative and use the things you have to create a spice rack that will fit in your kitchen cabinet and hold all your spices.

How to Plan For Making Your Spice Racks

Spice racks are shelves, cabinets, or anything that holds our spice bottles together. Instead of rummaging through your shelves, these offer your spices more organized storage. Here’s how to plan to make one:

1) Consider How Many Spices You Will Store

Bring all your spice containers together and see how much space you need for your spice rack. Think about your lifestyle—how much spices do you consume? Provide extra space for the spices you think you will add soon, too! Measure how much space you need.

2) Measure the Free Space in Your Kitchen Cabinet

Now that you have an estimate of the space of your spices, measure your kitchen cabinet. You have to make sure that your spice rack will fit well enough in your kitchen cabinet. Think about any obstructions that might be in the way of your spice rack. Make sure that your spice rack will also not be in the way of the things you need to store in your kitchen cabinet.

3) Plan Your Style and Gather Materials

Some spice jar styles might not fit in your kitchen cabinets, while some might do! Plan how you will plot your spice racks in your kitchen cabinet. Will you lay it out vertically or horizontally? Think about its style, too, and if your spice rack will blend with your kitchen’s interior.

Spice Rack Ideas for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Chef hand returning spice into a spice rack

You might already have ideas about how to do your spice rack. If you still find it, here are some ideas on how you can make one:

1) Create a DIY Pallet Spice Rack

Make spice cabinets out of an old shipping pallet! Wash, sand, and varnish an old shipping pallet that might be hanging around in your garage. You can cut some parts of it with a saw to make it smaller if it’s too big. Screw the excess wood to support the spices. You can install your spice rack on the door of your kitchen cabinet. You can also maximize vertical space and attach this inside like an additional drawer.

2) Bring Out Test Tubes and Their Rack

Test tubes will make charming spice jars and racks—and easy to do, too! Just bring out your test tubes and transfer your spices. You can paint its rack or add varnish to suit your kitchen’s interior. Slide them in your cabinet shelves, and voila!

3) Install Multipurpose Stick N Clips on Your Cabinet Door

These clips usually have a sticker on them. Neatly plot where the spices will be on your cabinet door with a pen or a pencil. Stick the clips on the guide and mount your spices. Make sure that your spice jars are in enough size for Stick N Clips to hold.

4) Use Magnets, Jars, and Metal

This trio makes a versatile magnetic spice rack You install this magnetic spice rack with these on your upper kitchen cabinet—it saves up space and becomes accessible! You can also install your spice rack on your cabinet door.

Screw a magnet board on the area you want your spice rack to be. Transfer your spices to jars with metal lids. Arrange the jars as they stick on the metal board.

5) Mount a Soda Crate

Put an old soda crate to good use. A vintage soda crate can add an appealing element to your kitchen! Do necessary adjustments for the measurement and mount these on your kitchen cabinet door. You can also mount your Coca-Cola Crate spice rack on the wall.

6) Install Another Tier in Your Drawer for a Spice Rack

Install another tier for your spice racks if your kitchen drawer has enough shelf space. You can use old scraps of wood to create a mini drawer that can hold your spices and fit your deep cabinets. Put additional slide railings inside your drawer and attach your spice rack. This is also a good way to maximize the drawer space.

7) Screw Storage Organizers on Vertical Spaces

You can never go wrong with going back to the basics! You can also buy a metal drawer organizer and screw it on your kitchen cabinet drawers or on the kitchen wall. Add more metal organizers to hold your collection of seasonings

More Kitchen Cabinets for Better Storage

These spice storage ideas will help you organize your cabinet space and add additional appeal for displaying your colorful spices. You can use other materials in your home and make DIY spice racks out of them, like creating a wall-mounted spice rack or an expandable spice rack. Just make sure that you plan your spice rack well.

If you think no amount of decluttering can fit a spice rack or even a single pan in your kitchen cabinet, maybe that already calls for a replacement. Invest in a new cabinet and revamp your entire kitchen by checking out Zothex Flooring! We have different styles that can suit your preference and make your kitchen look even better. Get in touch with us today.

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