How to Make a Headboard From Laminate Flooring

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Laminate flooring has already been around for a while, providing a premium option to higher-end hardwood flooring options like an engineered hardwood floor. A laminate floor can now seem practically similar to the material it’s replicating, such as a wood floor, tile, and stone. Thanks to the variety of designs, colors, and patterns available, it can look good as a headboard and a faux shiplap accent wall. 

So how do you make a headboard from laminate flooring? For vertical pieces, cut 2 x 54" tall pieces from one of the 1′′x4′′ scrap wood. Measure the bed frame and decide what size the headboard will be (one for top and bottom). To cover the 1′′x4′′, cut a piece of plywood. Cut the leftover laminate flooring pieces to fit around it. Then, drill pilot holes through the laminate flooring plank, plywood, and down to the 1′′x4′′s. Finally, screw them all together.

How to Build a Headboard Out of Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a type of synthetic flooring made up of numerous layers of flattened materials, including one core layer of high-density wood fibreboard reinforced with resin. On top of it is a design layer with a printed picture coated with transparent overlays. 

Laminate has begun to make its way up the floor, onto the laminate walls, and even the headboard. Walls with laminate flooring can be an eye-catcher, add definitions, and contrast to the dining room, master bedroom, and even the mudroom. The style options are endless, and the cost is low. 

For homeowners on a budget or who want to make something unique for their home, here are the steps for a DIY headboard to achieve that elegant look in the bedroom without breaking the bank.

First, decide on the desired size of the bed room headboard and the kind of laminate planks. For a queen-size bed, choose a 60"x20" sheet of plywood and cut it to the same size. Choose flooring pieces that will cover the dimensions of the headboard. 

If there's no floating floor available, alternatives such as Pergo vinyl flooring, reclaimed wood pieces, carpet, vinyl plank, and even fabric will suffice. However, laminate flooring is one of the best options. Cut and trim some laminate flooring to fit in the dimensions.

Label or number the pieces to make sure that they’ll be in the appropriate place. Grab some glue and put a fair amount on the backs of the laminate flooring before laying it down on the plywood. Wipe away any glue that has squashed its way through the layers. Let the adhesive set for a few days. 

Conceal the plywood on the sides by making a frame out of stylish vinyl trim (or leftover laminate wood flooring). Paint the trim using chalkboard paint or in any desired color. Before using the nails, cut the excess and staple the pieces in place. Use wall studs and drill a few screws into them once decided on the desired area to hang the headboard. 

It can be mounted behind the bed, on the wall, or as a stylish ornament alongside a piece of furniture. A DIY headboard gives contrast to accent walls and tones down vivid and bright colors.

Other Headboard Ideas

Cozy bedroom with comfortable bed in modern studio apartmen

A headboard transforms the bed into a focal point by adding style. Reclaimed wood, old shutters, rug, and upholstered headboard are just a few of the affordable items anyone can use to build a striking piece with these DIY headboard ideas. To give the bedroom a low-cost makeover, these are a few headboard projects:

Stylish Cushion Headboard

Choose either two or three large square pillows and connect some small brass rings (drape rings work great) to the top two corners for this simple DIY headboard. Then, using the dimensions of the chosen cushions as a guide, mark exactly where to use the nails or screws and hold the cushions in position. 

Mount the cushions with huge brass nails (or screws if desired), then the cushioned headboard is ready.

Headboard Made With Fabric

Covering the current headboard with a fabric of choice is a quick and easy DIY headboard option. A length of fabric and a staple gun are all that's needed to cover the headboard. Lay down the fabric on the floor. Remove the headboard and place it over the fabric. 

Get somebody to assist in stretching the fabric over the front of the headboard and then stapling it to the back with a staple gun. It doesn't matter if the rear of the headboard is a little sloppy because no one will see it.

Reclaimed Wood Headboards

Single bed with brown wooden headboard and side table with modern lamp

First, begin by sourcing the solid wood the rustic presence of real wood looks aesthetic, and they can be found in reclamation yards. Purchasing new wood flooring or hardwood planks is also advisable. 

Then prepare three or four pieces of batten, depending on the size of the headboard. Afterward, cut them all to size, secure the battens to the wall to form a frame, then screw or hammer the wood planks to the battens. To provide a strong foundation for a platform bed, include a central vertical batten in the construction. 

Rug Headboard

Simply hang a rug or a piece of artwork above the bed for this easiest DIY headboard idea. It's great if the rug has the same size as the bed frame or slightly larger. For those who are renting, this is a brilliant idea because it can use command strips to attach a wall-hanging above the bed.

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