How to Get Hair Dye off Laminate Flooring

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People in ancient Egypt and China used plants and oils to improve their mane looks, and hair dye has been a part of their grooming routines. Since prehistoric days, people have been hunting for a means to remove the stain that hair dye often left behind. By following a few chemical rules of thumb and acting quickly, anyone can remove hair dye stain off any laminate floor, ceramic tile, linoleum, non staining mats, or hardwood floor without damage.

So how do you get hair dye off laminate flooring? Start with the basic approach, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Apply a damp cloth to the stain. Usually, this will eliminate the hair dye on the laminate flooring. If the hair dye stain persists, make a white vinegar and baking soda cleaning solution. Thicken the mixture to not run on the laminate flooring. Let it dry for 15 minutes in the stained area, then wipe away the remaining dirt or stain using a clean cloth.

Steps on Getting Hair Dye off the Laminate Flooring

Although hair dyeing has been a practice for hundreds of years, the variety of hair dye and conditioning treatments are a relatively new concept. Traditionally, hair dyes were a combination of botanicals or metallic compounds, such as wood ash, rock alum, and quicklime, which are easily accessible. 

For less dramatic dyed 'dos, herbal preparations included a laundry list of plant elements, including the vivid orange stain of turmeric, saffron, birch bark, myrrh, and mullein. Natural henna has traditionally been used to enhance reds and beautify graying roots. 

During the Renaissance, they mixed indigo with henna to create rich, dark tresses. For red hair, they combined black sulfur, rock alum, and honey on Italian women. The majority of hair dyes nowadays contain a combination of hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, different kinds of alcohols, and synthetic-organic hues or coal-tar pigments.

The success of removing a hair dye stain from laminate flooring is determined by how quickly anyone reacts after it occurs. It will come off easily if cleaned immediately.

Waiting a little longer will be more challenging to remove the hair dye stain.

Knowing what to do if hair dye gets messed up can save everyone plenty of time and stress. In getting rid of these stubborn stains, some household items will be necessary. The following are the steps to remove hair dye from laminate flooring:

First Step

Ensure having an absorbent cloth in the kitchen. If there's no cloth available, a sponge will work. Before wiping it on the dye stain, make sure to cleanse it with water. Using the absorbent cloth or damp sponge, try to eliminate as much dye as possible. The flooring will be less damaged by doing this before applying cleaning agents.

Second Step

After you remove a bit of hair dye, the next is to get a stain remover. There are many options available in the market, but anyone can opt for a DIY cleaning agent. It can be a better approach because it involves simple household items such as bleach, vinegar, baking soda, water, or peroxide.

Third Step

Wear gloves before removing the tough stain with a DIY or professional cleaning agent. It's also a good idea to try the cleaning solution first on a tiny area. Simply dip a cotton ball in the solution and wipe it over the stain or loose dirt.

Apply the extra paste to the stain with an absorbent sponge or damp cloth once there are no unpleasant effects on the flooring. Wait for the paste to harden. When using the dish soap, wait until the area bubbles and the mark lightens.

Fourth Step

Make sure to wipe the paste clean once it hardens. Move it in a circular motion with another absorbent cloth or damp sponge. To remove the hair dye stain, wipe carefully and gently. Keep in mind that it might need as many sponges or cloth as necessary.

When using industrial stain removers, be cautious not to put too much pressure in rubbing the laminate flooring since this will ruin the surface. After that, dry the floor with a soft and clean paper towel.

Other Techniques to Consider

Young woman cleaning her floors at home

In removing hair dye, SOS napkins are one of the good options. While the soap in the pads dissolves the color, these alone are harsh and could harm the flooring. Use them with caution so as not to damage the finish.

Although nail polish removers will erase the color, they’ll also ruin the wood's sheen. It may not harm if the hardwood is laminate, but it doesn’t apply to a varnished wood surface. When using a cleaning agent on the stubborn stain on the countertop, always try a small amount on the hidden area first.

When you're starting a home dye job, it's a better alternative to have some old towels on hand. When putting the color to the hair, place them on the floor. Applying too much hair dye will likely fall to the floor, where the towel will absorb it. 

They're also useful for wiping up any spills on laminate countertops while pressing and drawing the liquid into the hair's roots for general coverage. Rub a mixture of mild detergent and vinegar on quartz and laminate vinyl flooring to remove permanent marker stains.

It can be scary when a bit of the hair product gets splattered on home surfaces. If a dye stain gets on any surface like glass, carpet, or unpolished wood floor, try removing it with a small amount of nail polish remover. Always try acetone in a hidden spot first. Rubbing alcohol is a non-toxic solvent that removes color without hurting most varnished, wood, linoleum, vinyl floor, or stone surfaces. 

Magic eraser is an excellent dirt magnet for reaching into the nooks and crannies of porous materials that remove hair dye stain. However, it can be too abrasive for painted surfaces as they may cause the paint or varnish to peel away.

The stain can be frozen and pulled up with hairspray. Diluted bleach is likewise harmless but typically used as a last resort. 

In removing tough spots/stains such as shoe polish, tar, markers, or heavy scuff marks on the laminate floor, wipe the affected area with a rag moistened with alcohol, nail polish remover/acetone, chlorine bleach, peroxide, or mineral spirits.

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