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For the sturdy and long-lasting tile flooring, you need more than just the best materials. When it comes to tile flooring, the application and installation are just as important to the end result of  the flooring process. That’s why you need Zothex’s team of professional contractors and floor installers for your home remodel. With years of training and practice, we are experts that seamlessly lay out any flooring installation with ease and speed. Using professional tools and the best materials on the market, you’re sure to have the best long-lasting tile floor in the area. 

Tile Flooring Installation: From Start To Finish

1. Floor Consultation and Inspection

Before Zothex can begin installing tile flooring in your home, we will need to conduct a thorough home and floor inspection to get a better layout of your home. The inspection will allow us to know which tools and materials we will need during the installation process. With this, the Zothex team will calculate possible price estimates and tile suggestions for your home. 

2. Design Options

Once the consultation and inspection have been completed, our team will show you the viable options of tile flooring you can have for your home. While we’ll definitely have our suggestions and recommendations for what would work best for your space, the decision is ultimately yours. We’ll provide either swatches or digital photos of our tile selection for you to choose from. 

3. Tile Flooring Installation

Once you’ve decided on which tiles you want for your home, it's time to install them. Here is our general process:

Removal of Old Flooring Materials

With renovations, we’ll need to remove the existing floors in your home. While this should be a relatively quick process, it will depend on how big the area being remodeled is. If the square footage for your home is significantly larger than normal, it may take a day or two to properly remove your previous flooring.

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Clearing the Floor Area

After removing the old floors, the other team will have to remove all debris to ensure a flat floor surface. This will ensure that the rough layout is accurate and the final  installation has smooth and even results. 

Rough Layout of Tile Design

When it comes to tile flooring, Zothex needs to have a rough layout to match each tile’s placement. This means that our team will be laying out the tiles without installing them permanently on your floor just yet. This is to ensure even spacing and correct design layouts before the final placement is done. 

Adhesive and Mortar for Tile Installation

Before placing the tile onto your home floors, an adhesive and mortar will need to be laid down across the surface. This will ensure that the tiles don’t move out of place once installed. This layer will be applied very thinly so as to not elevate any area of the flooring and keep it flat and even. 

Final Tile Installation

Once the adhesive has been applied, we can begin to set the tiles according to the rough layout and placement map. Depending on the surface area and design this could take a couple of hours to a few days. We’ll also need to make adjustments and cuts along the way to ensure the quality of the floor. In cases of title alterations, we’ll make final cuts and alterations to the tile pieces before laying them down to fit the area. 

Application of Grout

After the tile installations have been set, the last step is to cover the whole floor with grout to seal the tiles. This will ensure that your tiles are long-lasting and resistant to damage. Once the grout has set the last thing to do is clean up the residue and you’ll have perfect tile floors.

4. Final Tile Floor Inspection

While we’re very careful and exact during the entire installation process, there are always rare occasions wherein a minor issue may present itself after cleaning. That’s why we always conduct a final inspection to ensure the quality of our work and conduct repairs and redo’s when necessary. Once we’ve confirmed the quality of our work and flooring, you can do a final inspection and let us know if anything else needs to alter to your liking. 

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Tile Flooring: Is This The Best Option For You?

Stain and Damage Resistant

With the nature of how tile material works, tile floors are stain and damage resistant. They rarely scratch even with heavy use and they don’t easily break when placed under pressure. Floors made out of tiles are likely to last for a very long time without the risk of any chips, scratches, or cracks occurring for years to come. 

Minimal Maintenance

Tile floors are one of the easier floors to clean and maintain thanks to the material. They don’t need to be polished or treated regularly to be maintained and taken care of. At most, you will need to mop and clean it with a gentle detergent to avoid dirt and dust buildup. Other than that there isn't much that is required of you to actively care for tile floors. 

Resistant to Water Damage

Tile material is water-resistant. That’s why most bathrooms have tile floors as water simply doesn’t affect them as much as other types of material. In other parts of your home tiles floors are also resistant to water damage or spills. With a simple mop clean up, your floors can be as good as new. 

Cooling Effect

Tile is also known to have a cooling effect within a room. While most materials will absorb heat, tile will naturally stay cool subsequently keeping the temperature in your home low. Having tile floors in your kitchen or other areas that are naturally hot may help cool down the overall temperature of the room.


Naturally, tile floors are dirt resistant. This means that while you’ll need to clean it every once and a while, it will take a while for the dirt and dust to build up. This is great for anyone with allergies to dust and environmental factors. Without the presence of allergens sticking to your floors, you’ll most likely experience fewer allergy attacks in your home. 

Connect With Zothex For All Your Home Improvement Needs

With all the benefits of tile flooring, it’s no surprise it remains a popular option for those looking to remodel their home. While tile floors are quite durable and long-lasting, how you install them can affect how they perform over time. If you want top-quality tile flooring, Zothex floor installation services are the best option for you. With our years of experience, attention to detail, and tried and tested process, you are sure to have expertly installed floors that will last you for the years to come. From start to finish, Zothex only uses the best quality materials and the most efficient tools to give you the floors and home remodel you’ve wanted. For more information on our home and commercial services, contact us and book an inspection today.

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