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With patterned carpet flooring, it can be quite difficult to have a seamless and clean finish due to the different lines, colors, and shapes that need to be accounted for when laid out. That is why you should get your patterned carpet flooring done by Zothex contractors. With our years of experience and training, we can assure you that whatever the pattern in installing the carpet will be a quick and easy process for our team of contractors. Starting with a consultation to the final touches, we have mastered the entire process of installing patterned carpet floors without a hitch. Using top-quality tools and providing you with the best-patterned carpet options for your home, Zothex is a one-stop shop for all your patterned carpet flooring needs. 

Patterned Carpet Flooring: From Start To Finish

1. Choosing A Patterned Carpet

Similar to a regular carpet flooring consultation, we’ll need to ask you about your desired design to give you the best options. At Zothex, we only carry top-quality patterned carpet flooring. Meaning no matter which design or color you choose, you are sure to have the best carpet flooring available in the market. To give you the best idea of what your floor will look like we can send you swatches or digital photos of our stocklist. 

2. Removing Existing Flooring

When it comes to carpet flooring a smooth and even surface at the very beginning of installation is vital. If you have pre-existing carpet installations or another flooring, we will need to carefully remove them. Depending on the size of the room, removal should only add around 30 minutes to the entire installation process. 

3. Installing an Underpad

Like a regular carpeting installation, we will need to install an underpad for patterned carpet flooring as well. The underpad is used as an extra precaution to ensure flat and even carpeting from wall to wall. 

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4. Installing Patterned Carpets

Once the underpad has been placed, the patterned carpet flooring can be installed. Carefully laying out the carpet to keep the pattern intact, we will first measure and align the carpeting without any adhesives. Once we’ve seen the fall of the patterned carpet, we can make cuts to properly fit the flooring. This will ensure that the pattern isn’t abruptly cut or altered. 

5. Installing Patterned Carpet Flooring

Once everything has been measured and laid out, several adhesives can be attached to the patterned carpet for final installation. With a few pulls and tucks of the patterned carpet material, you should have your patterned carpet flooring within a day. 

FAQs About Patterned Carpet Flooring

Q: How much does pattern carpet flooring cost?

A: The price of your patterned carpet flooring will depend on the square footage of the area being covered. On average patterned carpet costs $2 to $6 per square foot. 

Q: Is pattern carpet flooring harder to install than regular carpet flooring?

A: While the process is relatively the same, the pattern of the carpet does complicate the installation process. This is because of the fact that contractors will have to lay out the carpet in a very specific way in accordance with the pattern and print. The patterned carpet will be very noticeable if installed incorrectly. 

Q: Is patterned carpet flooring a durable flooring option?

A: No matter the print or pattern of the carpet flooring, it still has the same lifespan as any other carpet flooring. While taking good care of your patterned carpet flooring can help extend its lifespan, they’re susceptible to stains and damage over the years. If your patterned carpet flooring has been damaged, it would be quite hard to restore without removing the entire flooring and laying down a whole new patterned carpet. 

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Entrust your dream carpet flooring with professional patterned carpet contractors in North Carolina with Zothex. With Zothex contractors' years of expertise and experience, we are sure to provide you with the best-patterned carpet flooring options and installation services in the state. For more information on Zothex patterned carpet flooring and home services, contact us or book an inspection today.

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