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When getting carpet flooring, it’s not easy to get a seamless and clean finish with such a fussy material. That’s why you should get quality carpet flooring done by Zothex contractors. With our years of experience and training, installing carpet flooring doesn’t need to be a lengthy and difficult process. From preparing the area to the final touches, we have mastered the entire process of installing carpet floors without a hitch. Using top-quality tools and providing you with the best carpet options for your home, Zothex is a one-stop shop for all your carpet flooring needs. 

End to End Carpet Flooring Process

1. Choosing The Carpet

At Zothex, we have an array of top-quality carpet flooring options for you to choose from. No matter the color or design we’re sure to have something that suits you and your home. To give you the best idea of what your floor will look like we can send you swatches or digital photos of our stocklist. 

2. Removing Existing Carpet Flooring

If you currently have carpet flooring or any type of flooring installation, it’ll need to be carefully removed. This is to ensure a smooth and flat finish once we install your new carpet flooring. This may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour at most. 

3. Installing an Underpad

Once the old floor installations have been removed, an underpad will be aligned with the edges of your walls. This will not only ensure the flattest surface for your final carpet flooring but it’ll also help with the overall cleanliness and fresh feeling of your floors. The cleaner the underpad the better your carpet flooring will feel. 

Any Home Can Be A Palace With Zothex

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4. Measuring and Laying Down Carpet

With the underpad in place, Zothex contractors can now lay down the carpet. Using measuring tools and seeing how the carpet aligns with the edges of your walls, the contractors will carefully cut the carpet to the exact measurements of your home. 

5. Installing Carpet Flooring

With the exact size and measurements of the carpet, your carpet flooring is ready to be attached and installed. Several types of adhesive will be used to ensure that the carpet flooring does not budge. With expected placement, trimming, and pushing, your carpet floor installations should be done in about a day. 

Is Carpet Flooring Right For You?


1. Noise Reduction

If you’re looking to reduce noise and sound traveling in your home, carpet flooring may be the best option for you. Carpets often absorb sound to prevent it from echoing too much. It can also help provide extra padding between sound traveling from the first floor of your home to the second floor wherein most bedrooms are located. 

2. Brings Warmth and Softness To The Home

It’s a known fact that carpet flooring can bring warmth and softness to any home. Due to its texture and natural cushioning, every step around your home feels light and soft. Additionally it adds an extra layer of comfort all around your home allowing you to comfortably sit and lounge on the floor. 

3. Reduces Home Injuries

With the aforementioned natural cushioning of carpet floorings, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it can help prevent injuries at home. While falling is a natural occurrence and often inconsequential, carpet flooring softens the fall that would otherwise have been more severe. Though you may still get a bruise or two, it will definitely help keep from any major injuries. 

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1. Bad for Allergies

Aside from retaining moisture, carpets also attract dust and dirt. This can aggravate allergic reactions of people especially those sensitive to dust. To avoid this, you’ll need to clean the carpet regularly to ensure that no debris or dust particles remain in the area for too long. 

2. Hard To Maintain

Overall carpet flooring is hard to maintain. It requires constant cleaning and care. Not only will you need to vacuum regularly but you’ll also need specific cleaning solutions that are safe to use on your carpet flooring material. Regular cleaning agents may destroy the fibers and cause stains, bleaching, or breakage. If you’re unsure about what can be used on your carpets, it's best to ask your contractor when choosing your flooring. 

FAQs About Carpet Flooring

Q: How to maintain carpet flooring?

A: Maintaining carpet flooring is quite tedious at times, but definitely worth it to keep up with the soft and warm texture of your floors. Every week, you’ll need to vacuum your entire floor to remove any debris or dust that has collected over the last few days. You’ll also need to take care of any liquid spills immediately to avoid staining or leaving an odor on the carpet. Once these spills dry, it’s quite difficult to remove on your own. Lastly, you’ll need to cut and clip any snags or loose thread areas in your carpet to maintain its appearance. Pulling them may cause further damage which is why it’s not advised to do so.

Q: Is carpet good for pets?

A: This may depend on the type of carpet you chose to install. While traditional carpets may not be the best for pets due to shedding and possible stains caused by them, there are pet-friendly options. If you are planning on having carpet floors where your pets reside, you may want to ask for stain-resistant carpet options. This can help maintain the appearance of brand new carpets for much longer while not having to worry about your pets 24/7.

Q: Is carpet flooring durable?

A: While taking good care of your carpet flooring can help extend its lifespan, carpet floors are not known to be the most durable in the market. They’re often susceptible to dirt, grime stains, and matting over time. Once your carpet flooring has been damaged, it's hard to restore without removing the entire flooring and laying down a whole new carpet. 

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If you’re looking for an expert carpet contractor in North Carolina, Zothex is the company for you. With our years of experience, we won’t only provide you with the best carpet flooring options in the state, but we’ll also install them for your convenience and let you make further adjustments as you please. For more information on our home and commercial services, contact us and book an inspection today.

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