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Flooring options can be a tricky area to navigate when it comes to furnishing your home. There are some things that you can do on your own like picking the specific type of wood, any other materials, carpeting, subflooring, and even deciding what type of finish that you want. But that's half of the job: the other is actually getting it installed in your home.

And that’s where Zothex comes in.

  • Experience and Customer Care: We’re a family-run business with a long history of helping our Sacramento clients with their flooring and cabinetry. We know our way around the business, what people need from a flooring contractor – and most importantly, how to get the job done to your standards and beyond.
  • Wide Selection of Options: Our wide selection of woods, materials, design options, and other ways to customize your flooring gives you a lot of ways to pull off your ideal room. We always get the best quality of materials to make sure that aside from looks, the function of your flooring is top-notch.
  • Personalized Services: We work closely with all our clients to ensure that their floors are up to their expectations when we’re done, but also keeping in with the high standards of service and quality that we’ve followed over the years. We’ll walk you through every step of the process from measurements to installation.

Why You Need A Flooring Contractor

Given some time, patience, the right tools, and a little research online, flooring can be installed by a single person all on their own. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, trying to save some money, or simply want to get a home project done by yourself, installing your own flooring isn’t a bad way to do it.

So why do you need a flooring contractor? In our experience, there are three reasons why you should hire one:

Quality Guaranteed

Following instructions online is all well and good, but tutorials can only guide you through so much – especially if you’re inexperienced. If you want the best results possible from your flooring in less time and effort required to do it by yourself, a flooring contractor is your best bet.

Safety Standards Met

Flooring can be as simple as getting new laminate on your concrete subfloor – or as complex as wiring in in-floor heating. These installations are particularly challenging and can spell disaster for your home if you get them wrong. A flooring contractor can help you avoid all of these, and ensure your installation is up to building code.

Access To More Options

Typically, the flooring options you can buy at your local hardware store can be limited in terms of material, size, and even quality. If you’re looking for the best floors that can stand the test of time, daily wear and tear, and fit the design of your property, a flooring contractor is likely to have the options you need.

Any Home Can Be A Palace With Zothex

For any and all home improvement needs, call Zothex. We've helped countless homeowners get the most out of their home. With the right planning, materials, and talent, we can make you fall in love with your home all over again. Call us today.

What Should You Be Looking For In A Flooring Contractor?

But if you are looking to hire a flooring contractor, you shouldn’t just look for the nearest one to you. Hiring a quality contractor means doing a bit of research yourself, especially if you’ve never contracted a job like this before. Here are some questions you can ask yourself when looking for a flooring contractor:

  • Are they insured, and do they have the proper qualifications to safely install my flooring up to scratch?
  • Do they have favorable reviews from their other customers that can attest to the quality of their work?
  • Are they accessible and able to come to my property when I need their services/repairs?
  • Can they guarantee the longevity of their work – both in the materials used and in the installation process?
  • Will they work with you regarding the care and maintenance of your flooring over the years?
  • Are their rates reasonable for the quality of work that you’re going to get?
  • Above all else, your flooring contractor should always be transparent with you about their work, to avoid any confusion about the outcome, pricing, and future care required to keep your flooring in excellent condition.

FAQs About Flooring Contractors

Q: When I hire a flooring contractor, do I need to make sure that my subfloor is properly prepared?

A: If you’re renovating a room and are planning to use hardwood flooring on it, it’s best to make sure that your subfloor is prepared – but you don’t necessarily have to do that yourself. An experienced flooring contractor can take care of that for you, at an additional fee.

Q: Should I settle for a fixed price for the costs of my installation or should I leave an allowance?

A: While there’s always the risk that a project would run into issues, flooring installations should always have an estimate that you can work with and a fixed price to pay before any work is done. Experienced flooring contractors will never hit you with surprise add-ons and costs.

Q: How will clean-up be handled after the installation is done?

A: In most cases, the cleanup required after a flooring installation should be handled by your flooring contractor. If there is any debris left after the project, it should be minimal and can be handled with your usual household cleaners/tools.

Q: How will things like carpets or furniture be handled during construction?

A: If you’re doing flooring installations on an area that has furniture, cabinetry, or carpeting, it’s advisable to have them removed before the flooring contractor arrives so work can start immediately. You can ask your contractor if they can help you with this during preliminary inspection.

Personalize Your Floors and Build Your Dream Home With Zothex Today

With our years of experience in the industry, you can trust us to make sure that your flooring options are up to standards – both in safety, quality and in design. We’ll gladly be with you every step of the way to make sure that your dream home is nothing less than you’ve imagined.

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With our years of practice and experience, we can install your hardwood floors quickly and seamlessly. Using the best tools and materials available in the market, you’re sure to have the best kind of hardwood floors fit for your space without the hassle of doing it yourself.



For the sturdy and long-lasting tile flooring, you need more than just the best materials. When it comes to tile flooring, the application and installation are just as important to the end result of  the flooring process. That’s why you need Zothex’s team of professional contractors and floor installers for your home remodel.


Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the best options for functional yet aesthetically pleasing floors – they just need the right installation.

Luxury Vinyl


Some of the hurdles that homeowners face in remodeling their home are the cost of their desired material, like wood flooring, and choosing a trusted contractor to do the job. They wouldn’t want to end up with low-quality materials and a subpar job on renovation.



When getting carpet flooring, it’s not easy to get a seamless and clean finish with such a fussy material. That’s why you should get quality carpet flooring done by Zothex contractors. With our years of experience and training, installing carpet flooring doesn’t need to be a lengthy and difficult process.


Patterned Carpet

With patterned carpet flooring, it can be quite difficult to have a seamless and clean finish due to the different lines, colors, and shapes that need to be accounted for when laid out.

Patterned Carpet

Carpet Tile

Aside from being a renovation store and contractor, Zothex is also your partner every step of the way as you transform your space into something new. Our expert craftsmen would be more than happy to help you with your remodeling project ideas and make them come to life.

Carpet Tile

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