Why Are Kitchen Cabinets So Expensive?

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Kitchen cabinets offer a variety of purposes from increasing your storage capacity, improving home organization, and adding to the overall style and appearance of your cooking space. If you’ve been pondering on remodeling your house and changing your current cabinets, you may find that most kitchen cabinet designs today are pricey.

So what are the reasons for the high cost of kitchen cabinets? There are several factors that can influence the price of kitchen cabinets such as quality of construction, choice of custom or stock cabinets, types of wood materials used, labor charges, installation, removal of old cabinets, hardware cost, and design and features of the cabinets.

What’s Behind The Price Of Kitchen Cabinets? 7 Reasons Why They’re So Costly

When you’re planning for a kitchen remodeling project, you’d most likely find that you have to allocate a large percentage of the budget for your cabinetry. Cabinets help declutter your cooking area and let you organize your supplies, equipment, and utensils. For this reason, many homeowners want to install as many kitchen cabinets as possible to accommodate their needs.

However, even the most basic designs for kitchen cabinetry don’t come cheap and if you want the best and high-quality cabinet for your home, you need to have your budget ready and understand what it is that makes the cost of cabinets so expensive. Here are some of the factors that affect total cabinetry costs:

1. Overall construction quality and manufacturing

Whenever you’re upgrading your home, you’re usually working with expert kitchen designers who can help you make the right decisions for your project. To assure that you get the most out of your budget, they wouldn’t compromise on the aesthetics and durability of the cabinets that you will install in your kitchen space.

Most expensive cabinetry products are made by experienced artisans with great craftsmanship in cabinet making. Even with the available manufacturing equipment and technology, most cabinet designs are made with hours of hands-on work so expect that you’re also paying for their labor and expertise.

2. Choice of custom or stock cabinets

You also have the choice of purchasing stock, semi-custom, or fully custom-made cabinets. Stock cabinets are relatively cheaper because they’re usually mass-produced by a manufacturing company and they’re ready to be installed. Semi-custom cabinets are also cost-effective but extra costs are expected especially if you want to add more details or change some features.

On the other hand, customized cabinets are more expensive because you have the freedom to build and design your own cabinet. You can choose the type of materials, add some finishing, and select the door style which can drive up the total price of your custom cabinetry.

3. Wood materials

Most kitchen cabinets are constructed with actual wood and the cost of these components is typically higher than other raw materials. Wooden cabinet materials tend to offer more durability and versatility and give your kitchen a sophisticated design. Some of the common wood species used for expensive kitchens are hardwood, solid wood, and plywood.

4. Labor cost

Labor charges for kitchen cabinets do not only pertain to construction expenses if you opt for a custom job, but it also includes installation costs. Although setting up cabinets looks easy, a lot of laborers undergo special training and require a lead safety certification to become qualified to be cabinet installers.

It’s tempting to try to put up kitchen cabinets on your own, but you’re actually risking your safety and you may not be able to place them properly without any knowledge of the right tools needed for installation.

5. Existing cabinet removal & disposal

You wouldn’t be able to place your new kitchen cabinets without taking out your old ones. When renovating your kitchen, you should also expect to pay for cabinet replacement costs which can include hiring a removal and disposal service to get rid of your old cabinetry.

There may also be some wall damage where the old cabinets were previously placed and you’d need to repair them before installing the new ones. Make sure to talk with your designer about the cabinet removal costs so you can already allot a budget for it.

6. Cabinet hardware cost

Another important factor that can increase the price of kitchen cabinets is the hardware. Cabinets aren’t complete without drawer pulls, knobs, hinges, handles, and latches and this hardware also comes in different style options.

For example, you can choose among round, oval, square, or rectangular knobs. If you’re not using self-closing cabinet doors, you’d need to choose between magnetic catches or spring roller catches.

The total cost of your kitchen cabinet will depend on the quality and type of hardware you choose. Cheap cabinets, for instance, may have subpar hardware and it can affect the overall look and aesthetics of your kitchen.

7. Cabinet design and features

The actual design and features of your kitchen cabinet may also influence the total price that you have to pay. If you’re going for a minimalistic style with simple drawers, flat panels, shelves, and other built-in options, you’ll be saving more on your cabinet costs.

But if you want to be more creative and add detailed features like cabinet pull-outs, cabinet inlay, self-closing hinges, or glazing, your overall cost will definitely be higher.

What’s The Average Cost of Kitchen Cabinets?

The national average cost for kitchen cabinets varies depending on the actual materials used and construction quality. Some large companies may also consider the size and measurement of the kitchen when preparing their quote for cabinet installation.

According to HomeGuide, the total average price for kitchen cabinets is around $3,200 to $8,500. The cost of stock or semi-custom cabinetry ranges between $100 to $500 per linear foot while for fully customized cabinets, it can cost up to $1200 per linear foot. Additionally, the labor cost for kitchen cabinet installation and cleanup ranges between $80 to $190 per cabinet.

5 Ways To Save On The Costs Of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen renovations can be costly but there are ways that you can upgrade the look and style of your cabinetry without shelling out too much money. Here are some tips to help you save on the costs of kitchen cabinets:

1. Select a more affordable option for materials

One of the common ways to lessen the price of kitchen cabinets is choosing a more affordable style for wood. Instead of using specialty hardwood like oak and mahogany, you can consider pine and other cheap woods for your cabinets.

You can also opt for a particle board with wood veneer, MDF panel (medium density fiber), or laminate kitchen cabinets as an inexpensive alternative to plywood and solid wood.

2. Explore and consider mid-range cabinet brands

Naturally, the more popular and well-established brands for stock cabinets and custom designs will be more expensive. If you want to save on costs, you can research other manufacturers that offer cheap kitchen cabinets with good quality. Some cheap cabinet retailers and suppliers also offer deals and discounts if you’re buying in bulk.

3. Go for a basic cabinet setup and simple design

If you’re currently on a tight budget, it’s best to skip adding exterior features and premium cabinet designs. You can always upgrade your kitchen cabinets later and what’s important is that you already have a place where you can store and organize your cooking supplies. As much as possible, avoid pull-out cabinet shelves since they’ll cost more.

4. Resist the urge to customize your cabinets

While it’s nice to have the freedom to style your cabinets based on your aesthetic preferences, they may not be a wise idea for your budget. You can go for pre-made and ready-to-assemble cabinets to help you save on money.

5. Consider putting more open shelves

You also have to factor in the cost of drawers and high-end doors for your kitchen cabinets. If you want to save several hundreds of dollars on the total price, you can opt to go for an open shelf design or install fewer doors on your cabinets.

Find Affordable and Quality Kitchen Cabinets At Zothex Flooring

Replacing or upgrading kitchen cabinets can have a hefty price tag, which is why you need to be smart and know what to prioritize in terms of style and features. As a homeowner, you can compare brands and consult with kitchen design experts to find the right cabinetry that suits your budget and preferences.

At Zothex Flooring, we offer a wide variety of affordable kitchen cabinet styles with premium and quality features. We also have a team of professional kitchen designers who can assist you in your kitchen remodeling project. Call us now at (916) 925 – 1958 or browse our website to discover more about our cabinet products.

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