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Install Premium Commercial Floors With Zothex’s Contractors

To have premium commercial flooring, you need a professional contractor that can install floors in a large space quickly while still maintaining the quality of work. That is why Zothex is the company for you when it comes to commercial flooring installations. With years of home and commercial installation projects under our belt, you are sure to have smooth, flat, and durable flooring in just a matter of time. Using the best tools and materials available to us in the market, Zothex contractors provide the best service to all our clients whether they be a big or small project. 

Commercial Flooring: The Process

Company and Contractor Consultation

For commercial flooring installations, we will need to conduct a consultation before anything else. With flooring being such a big part of any building or office, we need to be sure that we give you exactly what you want. With every business having different needs, Zothex contractors will list down all your needs to come up with a layout and material suggestion. Whether it be a standard tile or a vinyl flooring, we can adjust to the clients' needs after the consultation. 

Blueprints and Material Selections

After the consultation, our contractors will draw up a draft of possible commercial floorings and let you choose which materials would best suit your needs. If there are any changes or tweaks needed to be made for the floor plan, now would be the best time to have them altered. In cases of special flooring materials needed, we will also need to finalize the order at this time

Installation of Commercial Floors

With the blueprints and materials all finalized, Zothex contractors can begin the flooring installation process. If you have previous floor installations in the building, we will need to remove them before installing the new floors. Based on the specification and design, Zothex contractors will carefully layout each floorboard before nailing it to the ground. 

Any Home Can Be A Palace With Zothex

For any and all home improvement needs, call Zothex. We've helped countless homeowners get the most out of their home. With the right planning, materials, and talent, we can make you fall in love with your home all over again. Call us today.

Final Inspection

Before leaving any job, Zothex contractors will do a final inspection to ensure the quality of our work. If there is a floorboard out of place or unevenness in certain areas that need further refinement, we will address it before considering the job complete.

FAQs About Commercial Flooring

Q: How much does it cost to hire commercial flooring contractors?

A: The cost of commercial flooring will highly depend on the materials chosen and how big the area is. For commercial flooring on a budget, it's advisable to get a cheaper material like vinyl which can cost as little as $1 per board or go as high as $10 per board. If you are considering different materials for your flooring, ask your contractor for a quote on each material before making any decisions. 

Q: How long will it take to install commercial floors?

A: How long it takes to install commercial floors will depend on the size of the floors. For areas that are 1000 sq ft to 5000 sq ft, it shouldn't take more than 1 to 3 days to complete the entire installation process. However, anything bigger than this may take up to a week or more. 

Partner With Zothex For All Your Commercial Flooring Needs

When it comes to commercial floor installments, you need professional contractors to finish the job quickly and efficiently while giving you the best results. If you’re looking for professional commercial flooring contractors to help you in your business and building set up in North Carolina, Zothex is the company for you. 

No matter the size of the project, whether it be for home improvements or commercial installments, we offer our clients an array of top-quality cabinets and installing services that can meet any specification you may have. For more information on our home and commercial services, contact us and book an inspection today.

Zothex: For All Your Home Improvement Needs

When you need to upgrade, repair, or improve any part of your home, there's only one team to call that can do it all: Zothex. Our team of pro home contractors has been helping people get the most out of their homes for years. Make your home the ultimate place to be for you and your family by calling us at Zothex today.

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