How To Clean High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

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Glossy cabinets are a widely popular choice for modern kitchens today. They offer several advantages over matte finish kitchen cabinets like being water-resistant and easier to clean. Using cabinets with a high-gloss finish also offers a sleek and sophisticated appeal, making your kitchen stand out as the most beautiful room in your house.

So how do you clean and maintain the glossy finish of your kitchen cabinets? You need to use a gentle cleaner so you won’t scratch the gloss surfaces or decrease the shine of your cabinetry. You can create your own cleaning solution with a mild dish washing liquid or common vinegars to remove dirt, grease, and other smudges on your gloss cabinets. Use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe over the glossy facade of your kitchen cabinets.

Tips On Cleaning Your Glossy Kitchen Cabinets

The two most common design options for cabinetry are ultra-high gloss finish or matte-finished kitchen cabinets. Matte cabinets have a smooth finish but their surface usually appears dull or muted. On the other hand, high-gloss cabinets are coated with either acrylic or lacquer to achieve that shiny cabinet finish.

When installed in the kitchen, they also make the room look bigger as they can reflect natural light. If you have a small kitchen size, gloss acrylic kitchen cabinets can provide light reflection and bright space to make the room look more open and larger.

However, glossy surfaces are also prone to the accumulation of grease, splotches from sauces, dirt stains, and drip marks over time. They’re also susceptible to having fingerprint marks which can dull the beautiful shine of your gloss cabinets.

Here are some helpful tips on cleaning your gloss kitchen cabinets:

1. Avoid using sponges or abrasive products on the surfaces

Don’t use rugs or sponges that are rough to the touch when cleaning or wiping your gloss kitchen cabinet fronts. They can easily scratch its gloss surfaces and eventually lose the gleam of your shiny cabinets. It’s best to use soft microfiber cloths since they won’t leave any unwanted scratches or streaks on the surfaces and cabinet drawer fronts.

Additionally, you can use a microfiber cloth as many times as you want since they can easily be washed and prepared for the next time you clean your gloss kitchen doors.

2. Use a non-chemical cleaning solution

It’s not recommended to use abrasive cleaners or chemical-based cleaners to get grease and marks off your gloss doors. Using a commercial strength cleaner may likely leave stains and marks that can be hard to remove and ultimately damage the glossy finish of your kitchen cabinet.

Instead of relying on harsh cleaners, you can create your own solution with simple ingredients you can find at home. First, you need to identify what type of stains you will be removing. If you’re cleaning caked-on grease or splotches from oil and sauces, you’ll need a cup of vinegar mixed with water and dish soap solution. The white vinegar will soften the tough part of the grease so it will be easier to scrub away.

If you’re simply cleaning the dust from the gloss cabinets, you’ll need a dry cloth to remove the accumulated dirt. You can also use a damp cloth with an antibacterial washing liquid to get rid of the dust and other mild greases on the gloss surface.

Other cleaning solutions make use of baking soda. If you want to try cleaning with bicarbonate of soda, be sure to mix it with warm water until you make a paste. Apply it on the surface with stains but don’t scrub them. Simply leave it on overnight and wipe it away in the morning.

3. Scrub and wipe gently

A common mistake you can do when cleaning your glossy kitchen cabinets is scrubbing too hard on the doors and surfaces. You might think that this will completely eliminate the marks and stains but they’ll only further damage your cabinetry finishes.

When cleaning your gloss cabinets, use soft and smooth strokes with little elbow grease. For serious stains, you can use more strength but remember not to scrub so hard that it scrapes the surface.

4. Apply a cabinet polish

When you’re done with washing and cleaning off the stains, you can apply some polish to make your glossy cabinets look as good as new. Use a soft cotton cloth to put on the polish on the cabinet surfaces and doors.

Leave it on for several minutes before removing the excess polish with a dry cloth. The cabinet polish will not only restore the gloss and color of kitchen cabinets but also add an extra layer of protection against dirt, stains, and natural wear and tear.

How Often Should You Clean Your High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets?

You can clean your high gloss kitchen cabinets on a regular basis to remove unwanted residues, dust, and dirt that can gather when you’re cooking. For daily maintenance of gloss cabinets, use a microfiber cloth or feather duster to wipe dust and finger marks.

If you need to clean the insides of your kitchen cabinets, you can do it quarterly and use a gentle cleaner or dilute vinegar spray to wipe the row of shelves. For the cabinet surfaces, you can give it a thorough clean every other week to avoid leaving grease, oil, and drips sitting on the doors for too long.

Other Reminders to Maintaining The Shine of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Here are other cleaning tips you need to follow to maintain your glossy kitchen cabinets:

  • For gloss white cabinets, avoid using bleach solutions as this can affect the color and appearance over time.
  • Always use antibacterial dishwashing liquid or mild soap to clean your gloss cabinet surfaces.
  • The ideal direction to clean your cabinets is starting from top to bottom.
  • You don’t need to go in a circular motion when removing stains and grease marks.
  • If you use a wet cloth or damp cleaning wipe, avoid leaving water to dry since excess moisture can discolor the glossy exterior and cause warping.
  • Don’t use paper towels, brushes, or scrapers to get rid of the grease and smudges on the shiny surfaces of the kitchen cabinets.

Find Stylish, Easy-To-Clean Kitchen Cabinets at Zothex Flooring

While cleaning cabinets isn’t that hard of a task, there are specific instructions you need to follow especially for high-gloss white cabinets. The most simple solution is using a microfiber cloth with DIY cleaners like vinegar, baking soda, or mild soap.

You can also consult with our team at Zothex Flooring for expert advice on cleaning your gloss kitchen cabinets. We can also offer help for custom kitchen design and style your home with easy-to-clean cabinetry. Browse our website to check our stock for wooden cabinets or call us at (916) 925 – 1958 to inquire about customizing your cabinetry.

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