What Is the Best Steam Mop for Laminate Floors?

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A steam mop does a great job if you’re looking for a good deep cleaning session. Using a steam mop is also an effective way to sanitize your floors without using chemicals. A steam mop works by using the water you have poured and heating it up to turn the water into steam, which is effective in killing bacteria while in the process of loosening up dirt or sticky messes. But if you have laminate flooring, there are special considerations when it comes to using steam mops. Generally, laminate floors can’t handle excessive moisture and the planks can warp because of it. Traditional mop, spray mop, spin mop, sponge mop, or wet mop — these items are usually used to clean laminate floors. You can still use steam mops, but special care is needed.

Of course, now you’re wondering, “What is the best steam mop for laminate floors?” You have to consider the delicate nature of your laminate floor, as they’re made of compressed wood and moisture can cause warping or swelling. Fortunately, there are steam mops that are marked safe to mop laminate floors. Additionally, you also have to follow the best cleaning process depending on the floor mop or steam mop that you use in order to carry out your cleaning task safely and effectively.

How a Steam Mop Works

First, it’s important to know even just the basics of how steam mops clean floors. In cleaning laminate floors, steam cleaners heat the water until boiling point, which will kill most germs and loosen any deposits of dirt that have gathered in the small nooks and crannies of your floors. So you place the water in a small container and heat it up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point the water will expand by 1,600 times. It will produce steam that contains approximately three to five percent of moisture and it will remain in a vapor state as long as the heat source is constant.

Given the level of temperature involved here, it’s crucial that you use extreme caution when using steam mops to clean your laminate floors. You should use only steam mops that your laminate flooring manufacturer recommends. Keep in mind that even if your laminate flooring is labeled as waterproof, it still isn’t completely protected from moisture. Your flooring will eventually deteriorate over time under prolonged exposure to heat. The seal on your flooring will eventually break down and show signs of wear and tear.

How You Should Use a Steam Mop on Waterproof Laminate Floors

If you’re determined to use a steam mop on your laminate flooring, the least you could do is to avoid using any soap or wax. Using a vacuum cleaner, sweep your laminate floors in hard floor mode and then switch it to the lowest steam setting. Avoid applying the steam directly on the floors. Apply it to a microfiber pad instead and use that to clean the floor. Now mop in the direction of the grain and make sure to keep the mop moving. Don’t keep the mop head held over in a spot for long.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Steam Mop for Laminate Floors

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right laminate floor cleaner or steam mop for your laminate floors. These are the heat settings, pad material, tank capacity, and tools and attachments.

  • Heat settings — You already know that moisture or high temperatures will damage the seal of your laminate flooring. The laminate material of your floor will be at risk when the seal breaks. Your ideal device should have adjustable heat settings so you can use the lowest heat settings regularly and only use the higher settings when it’s absolutely necessary, in case of stubborn stains, for example.
  • Pad material — You’ll need a gentle material for steam cleaning your laminate floors. A microfiber mop pad is your best choice — not only is this gentle enough for your floors, but the fabric is also reusable, absorbs really well, and is easily washable.
  • Tank capacity — The tank limit of your steam mop directly affects how long your equipment will run. The limit will also depend on the floor area you plan to clean. It can be frustrating to have to stop and refill your tank because it ran out of water in the middle of your cleaning. This is why it’s ideal to choose a steam mop that can store more water so it can operate longer without you having to stop constantly to refill it.
  • Tools and attachments — These can make a difference in how well your steam mop will work. For example, if you have a steam mop that can be converted to a handheld one, it can greatly help in cleaning more areas in your house. It also lessens the need to buy additional cleaning equipment. If your mop has small brushes, it can help in cleaning corners and plaster lines. Naturally, a steam mop with extra tools and attachments will cost more, but it’s worth shelling out for if you can maximize the stuff that comes with it and clean your house better.

Best Steam Mops for Laminate Floors

Cleaninf laminate floor with a steam cleaner

Choosing a steam mop for laminate floors isn’t easy considering the considerations that come with using it correctly. But it doesn’t mean you can’t find a suitable mop — you just have to know what you’re looking for. Here are some of the best steam mops in the market now for cleaning your laminate floor surface safely and effectively.

1. Light ‘N’ Easy Floor Steamer

This is the best lightweight steam mop for laminate floor cleaning, which will be a perfect addition to your thorough cleaning process. It has a light and slim design so you can easily fit this between furniture and store it effortlessly. Smart features include swivel steering — you simply press the trigger in order to release the steam and the steam will stop instantly when you release the trigger. This makes cleaning simply a breeze.

This mop can be used in all types of floors too — ceramic, tile floor, hardwood floor, marble, and linoleum — but its soft pad and carpet glider make it even more excellent on laminate flooring since it will just glide effortlessly across your floor. There’s also a super quick heater, emanating steam powerful enough to cut through dirt, grease, and stubborn stain without having to use chemicals.

The rapid heating time means you can already clean in 20 to 30 seconds — just fill the tank with water and plug the mop into the outlet. It has a reusable mop pad, which you only need to clean in the washer, and then you can reuse it multiple times. This means more savings for you in the long run since you don’t have to change the pads often.

2. Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe 1806C Steam Mop

The Bissell PowerFresh steam mop is a great buy as a laminate floor mop if you’re willing to spend more on this cleaning tool. It comes with two washable pads and the mop itself is a joy to maneuver around your furniture, thanks to its swivel steering. The compact floorhead makes reaching underneath low cabinets and furniture easier too.

The Bissell Steam mop comes with a SpotBoost Brush, which is made for treating spots or stubborn stains. Just remove the floorhead and clean away. You can also use this for easy grout cleaning. A measuring cup is included in the package so you can easily fill the tank with water. Also, there’s a 25-foot power cord, which means you can move around freely while you’re cleaning.

Sanitizing is what this Bissell mop does best. It claims to eliminate 99.9 percent of bacteria without the use of chemical cleaning solution. There are two specialized kinds of a washable mopping pad in the package — a soft cleaning pad and a scrubbier one that’s great for removing tough stain and dirt. Best of all, you can release a fresh clean scent as you mop, courtesy of the two Spring Breeze Scent discs that come with the package.

Setup is fast and easy — just fill up the tank using the measuring cup, plug the steamer, and then wait for around 30 seconds for it to heat up. Distilled water is recommended for steam mopping to avoid mineral buildup, but you can definitely use tap water too.

3. Light ‘N’ Easy 7688ANW All-In-One Steam Mop

This mop from Light ‘N’ Easy is the ideal buy if you’re looking for one that’s more than a floor cleaner or can do more than just clean your laminate floor. This multi-functional mop comes with three types of steam attachments which you can use to clean any area of your home. Just detach the handheld steamer and attach the other tools.

There’s an attachment too for cleaning upholstery and it has a flexible hose. This makes cleaning chairs, couches, and even clothes an easier task. The small steam head is provided for cleaning more compact areas, such as those around the sink.

The SmartSwitch feature makes the mop glide smoothly across the floor and even on carpets. You don’t need to press a trigger — just tilt the mop to activate the steaming. The steam will top when you put the mop in an upright position. The mop is equipped with three settings, making it safe for laminate floors since you have to use a gentle mode in order to not ruin your flooring.

4. Shark Genius S5003D Pocket System Steam Mop

It’s the special pocket pad that makes this Shark steam mop part of this list. The dual-sided pads distribute steam evenly on the floor and are highly effective in gripping dust and dirt while cleaning tiny crevices on the floor. Woven into the pad are absorbent strips that also remove excess water from the floor. You can use two settings — one for cleaning the entire floor and one for cleaning certain spots. The former will direct the steam through the pad fibers for it to be distributed evenly across the floor. The latter will blast a powerful burst of steam directly into the stain.

You can quickly attach it without having to use your hands. You just place the pad on the floor and place the mop on top of it, which will automatically grip the pad. Cleaning the pad of this mop cleaner is easy — just toss it into the washer and reuse it lots and lots of times. This means you don’t have to buy multiple pads, which saves you money in the long run. The mop itself weighs just less than six pounds, which makes it light and easy to handle. You can easily store it or navigate the mop into tight spaces.

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