What Laminate Flooring Is Best for Dogs?

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Home flooring can wreak destruction by furry pals. As a result, pet owners should consider installing floors that can withstand dents, scratches, and grime over time. However, the best laminate flooring for dogs and other pets will differ depending on the animal and personal preference. There are also advantages and disadvantages to choosing a pet friendly flooring option.

So what laminate flooring is best for dogs? Luxury vinyl plank, ceramic tile, and stone flooring are the most pet friendly flooring solutions to resist the relentless wear and tear of a dog's claws. These rough surfaces are also the easiest to clean after a wet dog shakes, a long-haired cat loses its fur, or an inexperienced puppy leaves an unpleasant stain.

Qualities to Look for in a Laminate Flooring for Dogs

Several considerations are unique to a home with a dog (or dogs). The following can help anyone learn more about the finest flooring for dog lovers.

1. Resistance to Scratches

For dog owners, scratch resistance is the main problem. A dog has claws, and even if they get manicures regularly, those dog nails could still scratch the floors. Homeowners want a floor that can withstand frequent scratching.

Fortunately, laminate floor is one of the most scratch resistant flooring options. Nevertheless, not all flooring manufacturers or models are the same in a specific location. When looking for laminate, pay close attention to the product specifications or abrasion classification (AC).

Laminate has AC ratings ranging from A1 to A5. For a dog-friendly home, the A1 and A2 floors are too low. In resisting daily claw actions, a laminate floor with at least an A3 rating is preferable. A4 and A5 are designed for professional use, and while they’re more scratch-resistant, there are fewer style selections. A3 is an excellent option.

2. Water Resistance

Homeowners should be concerned about water resistance if they have pets in the house. Dogs will track snow and water into the floor, and even the best-trained dog will have issues. Water resistance varies by laminate, which is essential because stagnant or puddled water may quickly ruin the laminate flooring.

Water resistance is better in a few brands, such as Aqua-Step and Dumaplast Dumafloor, which are both Belgian manufacturers. Additionally, the Zothex brand provides extra durability but not completely waterproof flooring.

It's essential to consider the level of water resistance and any additional protection that the laminates are providing.

Learn more: 5 Ways on How to Make Laminate Flooring Waterproof

3. Absorption of Sound

When people are walking on laminate flooring, a concern that all homeowners may encounter is how noisy it can be. It’s especially true if the family member strolling on the floor has four legs and claws and occasionally barks.

Examine the sound absorption properties of laminate while searching for flooring, especially if there are downstairs neighbors or noise-sensitive family members. Also, consider investing in acoustic laminate underlay.

Research on the Impact Insulation Class of the flooring just as there are scratch resistance ratings. The classification of most laminate is IIC 60. An IIC of 60 or above is a good option, especially for installation on the second floor or in flats with downstairs neighbors.

To ensure the flooring is quiet enough, know the variety of underlayments available. They range from cork floor to carpet, which will support in absorbing the sound of claws clicking.

4. Traction

Traction is the final factor to consider. Dogs and humans don’t share the same bond with the floor. Dog paws' purpose isn't walking on hard, slick surfaces; they’re created to walk on grass, mud, and rock. When dogs walk, they use their claws to hold the ground, and they can't simply grip a smooth solid surface like laminate.

Always take various precautions when it comes to flooring. It also helps ensure the quality and most comfortable experience possible for the dogs, including purchasing stylish booties and traction socks. 

There are steps anyone can take to make the floor more secure. 

For starters, throw carpet rugs and runners in locations where the dog is likely to walk or lie down. These will make it easier for the dog to move around and for senior canines to rise. Look for textured laminate flooring as well. Some manufacturers make laminate that resembles the texture of real wood. It’s a great option to give dogs additional traction. 

Best Pet Friendly Laminate Floorings

An adult pure bred Dalmatian lying on a laminate oak floor looking at the camera

Now here's the core of the matter: What are the best pet-friendly laminate floorings? 

1. Cork Flooring

Since cork is naturally antibacterial, it’s one of the best flooring options for pets. Cork can help keep mold and other allergens out of the house, even when you have pets.

Cork flooring is among the comfiest and most pet-friendly alternatives available. The dogs will feel the warmth and toughness beneath their paws.

Keep in mind that cork is still a member of the wood family. While it’s more scratch-resistant than standard hardwood, it can still be scratched and ruined.

Cork is also water-resistant rather than waterproof. When doing potty training to pets, make sure to clean pet urine right away to preserve the floor.

2. Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floor is one of the strongest, most durable, and most pet-friendly options available. It’s the flooring industry's best-kept secret. 

Bamboo is a unique wood flooring choice that attracts dog-loving families due to its strong, durable, and elegant nature. Bamboo is one of the excellent dog flooring options since it’s durable enough to withstand pets while also adding to the home's aesthetics.

Bamboo, like cork, is still wood; it's sensitive to dampness. In other words, well-trained pets are good. Despite this, bamboo is one of the quickest floors to clean for dogs.

3. Laminate Flooring

Laminate has been a popular flooring option for a long time, and the similarity to an actual wood is only becoming better. Laminate flooring should become the winner when selecting the finest flooring for dogs because it’s hard, resilient, and stain-resistant.

While laminate is ideal for pet owners, it can be highly slippery for their pets. Scraped or textured laminate flooring is the best for dogs, especially if they’re active or older. They look beautiful, and the texture helps with traction. It will ensure that dogs can keep playing for many years ahead.

When deciding between bamboo and laminate, remember that bamboo will last longer for a large dog who enjoys playing fetch all around the house. However, the advantage of laminate is that scratches and marks are less evident.

4. Tile Flooring

Tile is long-lasting, timeless, and durable; it never goes out of style. Because tile floors usually have enough texture, they give sufficient traction for pets when combined with grouting.

Tile is well known for being easy to clean and maintain, making it one of the best pet-friendly flooring options. If a dog has a mishap, anyone can wipe it away. 

Tile flooring for dogs has only one disadvantage: It’s hard and chilly. A pet owner should get them a small dog bed to sleep in. 

5. Vinyl Flooring

The finest flooring for dogs is vinyl. It's a low-cost, water-resistant, scratch- and stain-resistant flooring that's also soft underfoot. Both pet owners and dogs are pleased with vinyl flooring.

A vinyl floor may have a terrible reputation for a long time, but pet owners can learn everything about the latest improvements in vinyl flooring and how it compares to laminate and linoleum floors. 

Luxury vinyl flooring is another terrific option. It has the appearance of genuine stone tile or hardwood but is much gentler on dogs. LVP (luxury vinyl plank) and LVT (luxury vinyl tile) are two types of luxury vinyl (LVT). LVP and LVT are beneficial to pets for a variety of reasons.

Flooring No-Nos for Dogs

Cute dog jack russel terrier sitting in the kitchen floor

There are no clear rules when it comes to the best dog flooring. These flooring suggestions are the no-nos for pet owners, but if anyone is committed to having both hardwood flooring and dogs, then they can. 

When it comes to home care, any homeowner can be much more meticulous.

1. Carpet

It's no secret that carpet isn't the ideal type of flooring for pets. The dogs, of course, will think it's paradise. They’ll spend the entire day on the carpet since it’s soft, comfortable, and cozy.

Meanwhile, all of the pet hair and plenty of dust and debris will get caught in the carpet strands. Everyone loves a soft surface, but it could have filled an entire garbage bin with the dog hair stuck inside the bedroom carpet when you’re pulling it up!

2. Solid Hardwood 

Solid hardwood floor is like a lady's favorite $200 dress that must be dry cleaned, pressed daily, and melted like the Wicked Witch of the West if exposed to excess water. It requires a lot of maintenance. 

Another point is that spending a lot of money on solid wood flooring means everyone wants it to last a long time. Nobody wants to waste energy or time worrying about scratches, dents, or dog pee.

For those who want real wood, an engineered hardwood floor is a good option. Engineered wood flooring is the best hardwood flooring for dogs if pet owners insist on wood. Engineered wood floor is a little less fussy than solid hardwood, but it still has the same beautiful, traditional aesthetic.

Other Flooring Ideas for Dogs

For dog owners, laminate has both advantages and disadvantages. Many manufacturers have scratch-resistant, moisture-resistant, and sound-absorbing properties. They’re ideal for the wear and strain that a dog-owning household may experience.

On the other hand, laminate can be problematic for some dogs, particularly older dogs that have difficulty getting up from lying down. Using throw rugs and runners in the pet's favorite places or purchasing textured laminate that will help dogs acquire a better grip is preferable in taking advantage of the benefits of laminate.

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