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Are you looking for a reputable Northern California bathroom remodeling company? Allow Zothex's contractors to take on the work of making your vision a reality. To begin the transformation of your bathroom, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our bathroom design specialists. 

Breathe New Life Into Your Bathroom With Zothex’s Bathroom Remodeling Designers

Stylish and modern bathroom designs can make your home feel much more elegant. It’s a part of your house that’s used on a daily basis and giving it a transformation once in a while gives it a nice upgrade. But bathroom remodeling can prove to be a challenging and tricky project. 

A great bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Zothex provides quick bathroom improvements for a fraction of the expense of a standard remodel! We've been selling top-rated products at the lowest available prices in Northern California and giving homeowners the high-quality upgrades they require. Call our bathroom remodelers in Northern California if you want a new design, improved functionality, or accessible features.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Services

We can improve the comfort, aesthetic, and value of your house by ireplacing outdated materials and fixtures and replacing them with stunning options in a variety of colors and designs. You won't have to deal with unreliable contractors, shifting timetables, or unforeseen fees. Here are a few bathroom remodeling services that we offer to our customers in Northern California: 

  • New showers
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Replacement tubs
  • Tub-to-shower conversions
Any Home Can Be A Palace With Zothex

For any and all home improvement needs, call Zothex. We've helped countless homeowners get the most out of their home. With the right planning, materials, and talent, we can make you fall in love with your home all over again. Call us today.

What to Expect From Our Bathroom Designers and Contractors at Zothex

The first step in the bathroom remodeling process is a phone appointment to discuss your project. We will organize an in-home consultation to help us understand your vision for the space and the work that needs to be done. We'll put together a proposal for you that outlines our recommendations as well as a cost estimate once we have a strong knowledge of your vision and what needs to be done. 

If you decide to proceed with the project, we will collaborate with you to select materials, fixtures, and finishes that are appropriate for your style and budget. A project timetable will also be put together so you know exactly when things will happen. Our architects and engineers will also be working on the bathroom layout to ensure that it’s created correctly and in accordance with the law. 

Before beginning the project, permits will be obtained by our team of professional tradesmen and then transform your bathroom into the space you've always wanted. We do everything possible to minimize the disruption by our presence in your home, cleaning up after our visit and ensuring that the job site remains safe.

How to Plan for a Successful Bathroom Remodeling

There are 3 important aspects that have to be accounted for when it comes to planning the remodeling of your bathroom, and this includes the budget, scope and timeline of your project. 

1) Budget

Determine what your budget is and how much you’re willing to spend on the remodeling of your bathroom. The majority of the bathroom remodeling expense is spent on supplies, with labor following in second..

2) Scope

Consider whether you want a simple renovation, a mid-to-upper-range remodel, or a fully luxurious bathroom remodel before moving on with your ideal designs, and always budget for a 10 to 20% cushion in case of unforeseen charges.

3) Timeline

When planning a bathroom remodel, it's also vital to keep your timeline in mind. If you require your bathroom to be done within a specific timeline, make sure to inform the contractor. Take note that you rush their work, you're more likely to make mistakes. This will cost you more money in the long run. You should give your project ample time for completion.

Meanwhile, the length of time it takes to redesign a bathroom also depends on the size and intricacy of the job. From start to completion, a bathroom remodeling job could take 4 to 8 weeks. Our team at Zothex is flexible with our schedule and will thoroughly work with you to guarantee that the job is done on time.

Stylish Bathtub Remodeling in Northern California

A dingy or dirty tub may make the rest of your bathroom appear antiquated. Our bathroom remodelers in Northern California can install a new tub in as little as one day! Your new tub is composed of strong acrylic that won't chip, crack, or stain and will last a lifetime. Our replacement tubs come in a variety of shapes and colors, making it simple to choose something to match your existing decor.

Zothex: For All Your Home Improvement Needs

When you need to upgrade, repair, or improve any part of your home, there's only one team to call that can do it all: Zothex. Our team of pro home contractors has been helping people get the most out of their homes for years. Make your home the ultimate place to be for you and your family by calling us at Zothex today.

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Modern Showers

Regardless of whether you wish to acquire a simple replacement shower or a lavish spa shower, our bathroom remodelers can get the job done with minimum hassle and without having to refurbish the entire space. 

The measurements of your existing shower are analyzed, and your new shower is custom-fabricated based on those measurements. This ensures that your new shower is a flawless fit that has a modern style. To make a bespoke shower within your budget, add a rainfall showerhead and other accessories.

Accessible Walk-In Tubs

A walk-in tub can provide a safe and convenient bathing experience for you or someone in your home who has mobility issues. Bathing is made safer with grab bars and a low barrier, while soothing jets and a heated air system add a touch of luxury. A non-porous, mold-resistant surface also makes it simple to maintain the tub clean without washing every day.

Functional Tub-to-Shower Conversions

If you have a tub that you never use, it’s simply taking up room. With a tub-to-shower conversion, you can turn that underutilized tub into a gorgeous shower. We'll build a shower with specific amenities like a built-in seat or a rainfall showerhead on the footprint of your current tub. Our Northern California bathroom remodelers can completely transform your space in a fraction of the time and cost of typical bathroom upgrades.

Dependable and Affordable Bathroom Remodeling at Zothex 

A seamless bathroom redesign will be provided by our trained and skilled installation team. Our friendly personnel can ensure that your makeover is a pleasant and convenient experience from the initial consultation to the final installation. 

To learn more about our bathroom renovation services, contact the experts at Zothex today. To schedule your free, no-obligation estimate, give us a call or fill out our online contact form. Reach out to any of our staff members to see why we're the best choice for bathroom renovations.

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